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TikTok will add pay-to-view video format

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The applications are always innovating and we already know that it is not always for the good of the users, and this news will only interest some people and it seems more like a way to “copy” other applications that are adding to an area, as it happened with the success of ClubHouse that was quickly replicated by several companies.

TikTok has recently added longer videos, but it’s not the only new feature coming to the social network. The short-format video app began allowing some users to pay creators for custom videos in the style of startup Cameo. For now, only users in Turkey and Dubai seem to have access to this test, according to social media posts seen by BuzzFeed.

The new feature is supposedly called “Shoutouts” and basically allows you to order and pay for a video from a creator using TikTok coins, the in-app currency purchased with real money and used to tip. It appears that creators can set a fee for their services, with the final product delivered to their inbox. All in all, your custom video can take over a week to arrive, as TikTok seems to be moderating all videos, as it doesn’t want this new feature to become OnlyFans.

TikTok will add pay to view video format

TikTok apparently sees this new feature as a way for users to request happy birthday greetings, for example. However, it is currently unclear how many followers a person needs to have this functionality.

TikTok is not the only social app to copy Cameo. Facebook is also working on “Super,” a service that allows users to pay to interact with influencers on live streams. Meanwhile, Cameo is also innovating and earning investment, having already earned $100 million in revenue, 75% of which has been distributed by content creators.

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