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TikTok has arrived on American Airlines flights

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TikTok has arrived on some American Airlines flights, according to a statement released by the company itself, passengers will be able to use the application for up to 30 minutes free of charge, which gives them time to watch at least ten of the new longer TikToks. If the passenger does not have the application installed yet, the airline allows him to download it for free while in the air.

The move to make TikTok available to passengers came at a time when airlines are trying to bring attention back to flights after the number of people traveling by plane dropped during the pandemic.

One of its competitors, United, has also been adding technology upgrades to its fleet, allowing its passengers to pre-order snacks in-flight and adding planes that support Bluetooth audio to the seat screens.


American recently allowed passengers to use Facebook Messenger for free while in-flight, giving them at least some connection to the outside world, something some of its competitors have been doing for years for it and other messaging apps.

If you are planning your flights around the free TikTok, it’s probably worth bearing in mind that not all flights will have access to it. American Airlines specifies that the promotional offer is limited to narrow-body aircraft with Viasat Wi-Fi systems.

Many planes in the airline’s fleet appear to be narrow-bodied, but planes like the Boeing 787 do not. American also uses some Wi-Fi services for its flights, so even if a flight has Wi-Fi, there’s a chance it’s not Viasat.

The airline’s press release tells passengers they can expect to find a ton of content on the platform, including “travel inspiration” and “career advice.”

While it’s hard to imagine many people sitting on a plane watching TikToks on how to make a résumé, spending half an hour looking for short videos about wherever you go isn’t the worst idea.

Source: Cnet

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