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TikTok expands its integration with external applications

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The TikTok platform has expanded its integration with external applications Announced About the launch of two new sets of tools for app developers, Login Kit and Sound Kit.

The two groups allow mobile, web and platform apps to authenticate users with Tik Tok credentials, build experiences that leverage users’ Tik Tok videos, and share music and sounds via Tik Tok from their own apps.

Developers can apply to use the new SDKs to insert short video app content in more places, but they may pose the company and its users to new privacy concerns.

The basic features of the sign-in toolkit are familiar, with Snap, Facebook and Twitter offering similar integrations to speed up the sign-in process.

Like those other versions, TikTok says: Using Login Kit allows users to securely log into other apps, but it also allows developers to serve Tik Tok content within those apps, such as adding videos to an account.

Using TikTok login also requires that any application you use be allowed to view your public account and videos in order to work, but it does not currently extend to other information that the platform may know about you.

Signing in with another social media account is convenient, but it does come with some problems.

Facebook in particular has been criticized for data collected through Facebook logins.

This method was one of the sources of information at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Chinese short video platform has also come under scrutiny previously due to its surveillance capabilities and the previous version of its app that reached users’ portfolio.

Regarding the SDK Login Kit, the platform says: Similar to the SDKs for other platforms, the only data we can collect through the login group is the name of the application and the events associated with it across our platform (ie tracking events for logins and permissions).

One of the things that makes Tik Tok attractive is the music that it licenses for use in videos, and with the Sound Kit this music library could theoretically get bigger, without the platform having to strike new deals with the big music companies.

The Sound Kit allows developers to share audio between their apps and Tik Tok, and to enable audio sharing, developers have to integrate log-in tools and accompanying permissions into their apps as well.

The platform says: The voices shared through the Sound Kit are handled like any other type of audio across the platform, and the audio clips can be private or shareable.

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