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Tik Tok no longer welcomes cryptocurrency content

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The Tik Tok platform is filled with content makers in all fields. Including the field of cryptocurrency. However, the recent update of Tik Tok policies may harm influencers in this field, and make them move to other platforms.

Among them was content creator Lucas Demos, who shares crypto-related videos on his account, which is an account specialized in this type of content, and it appears from its name “theblockchainboy”, and it has 325,000 followers.

In just one month, more than ten videos were deleted from the “Demos” account. Of course, they are videos related to cryptocurrency and mining, and the reason for deleting the videos was to promote illegal activities or illegal products.

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Tik Tok and Cryptocurrency Content

A number of cryptocurrency content makers on the platform, led by Demos, have stated that they share this content only to educate and educate followers in the field of cryptocurrency.

But the platform no longer welcomes this, as the company has started to operate a system that automatically blocks inappropriate videos, including content related to cryptocurrency. This is on the one hand, on the other hand the company’s content policy may happen to block this content.

This is as the new content policy prevents the promotion of any financial services, including cryptocurrencies, unless the user has distinguish The content has a distinct logo inside the app, but this solution doesn’t seem to work yet.

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CNBC has reached out to eleven content creators on TikTok in the field of cryptocurrency. They all stated that their videos began to be taken down starting in July, with some of them being temporarily banned. In addition, the number of views and followers has decreased significantly.

Impact on content creators

TikTok declined to comment on the matter, and instead, a CNBC spokesperson shared a link to the platform’s rules of use, but did not clarify what rules crypto content creators are breaking.

A number of content creators have stated that they are considering moving from Tik Tok to competing platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. I mean the content creator Wendy O She explained that the problem is not the decrease in views or follow-ups as much as the negative impact on the field of digital currencies.

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In addition to the above, sources revealed that the use of words such as “Binance” or “Decentralized Finance” in videos on Facebook exposes them to deletion as well. While communicating with Tik Tok is not useful, according to the content makers’ statements, they are either met with automatic responses or ignored by the platform.

TikTok’s actions have been linked to the Chinese government’s stance against cryptocurrencies. It has banned cryptocurrency mining within the country.

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