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Tik Tok and WeChat are off the list of prohibited transactions

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She said The US Commerce Department has scrapped a list of banned transactions with TikTok and WeChat released in September, as the Trump administration sought to block new US downloads of both Chinese-owned apps.

The cancellations came after President Joe Biden this month rescinded a series of Trump-era executive orders that sought to ban new downloads of TikTok and WeChat, and ordered the Commerce Department to review the security concerns those apps posed.

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During Donald Trump’s presidency, the Commerce Department also sought to ban other transactions that had effectively banned the use of WeChat in the United States and later sought to impose similar restrictions that would prevent the use of TikTok.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry described the move as a positive one. Spokesman Zhai Lijian said China urges the US side to respect the principles of market economy and international trade rules, immediately stop expanding the concept of national security, and stop arbitrarily abusing state power to suppress Chinese technology companies.

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Biden’s order directed the Commerce Department to monitor software applications such as TikTok that could affect the national security of the United States.

The danger of tik tok:

In addition, it directed that recommendations be made within 120 days to protect US data. which have been acquired or accessed by companies controlled by foreign adversaries.

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WeChat, which has been downloaded at least 19 million times by US users, is widely used as a medium for services, games and payments.

Biden’s executive order supersedes Trump’s WeChat and TikTok orders in August. Another order in January targeted eight other telecom and financial technology software applications.

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Trump’s January order directed officials to block transactions with eight Chinese apps. Including Alipay from Ant Group, QQ Wallet and WeChat pay from Tencent. No ban has been issued yet.

The Trump administration has appealed the injunctions banning the ban on TikTok and WeChat. But after Biden took office in January, the US Department of Justice requested that the appeal be halted.

A separate US national security review of the ByteDance-owned platform, which began in late 2019, is still active.

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