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Tik Tok adds a new way to re-merge videos

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As competition with the tech giants heats up, TikTok has rolled out a series of new features to help its short video app maintain its lead.

And theAnnounced The company is launching a new Green Screen Duet feature, which combines two of the most popular editing tools in TikTok to allow content makers to use another Tik Tok video as a background in new videos.

The platform also confirmed testing a new method for discovering videos called “Topics,” which are personalized interest-based feeds that showcase the best trending videos in a particular category.

Green Screen Duet joins an existing suite of Duet tools, which allows content makers to place two videos side by side.

Currently, it includes Duet layouts Left & Right, React, and Top & Bottom.

Currently, content creators use Duets to sing, dance, or act with another user’s video, to respond to video content, or just to watch a video from another content maker, so the video is sometimes smaller and used to raise awareness or draw attention to its content.

Editing tools like Duet and Stitch are a major reason why TikTok is more than just a video platform, turning it into a new kind of social media network for video first.

These tools have also proven to be very popular, and have been endorsed by the Tik Tok version of Instagram Reels, known as Remix, and the Snapchat platform is developing its own Remix feature as well.

The new Green Screen Duet feature from TikTok is now showing up as another option besides the current formats, providing users a way to more easily use another video in the background while they record their videos.

The built-in Green Screen Duet provides a good way to record new videos that include existing videos.

The platform believes that the launch of this feature may inspire new formats of creativity and expression, and TikTok has been busy upgrading its interface to improve recording and discover new video content in its application in recent weeks.

Given that Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have tried to reproduce TikTok, the platform launched interactive music features last month in an effort to move forward.

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