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Ticketed Spaces available for some iOS users

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Twitter announced that it is starting to implement its Ticketed Spaces, with paid live audio rooms. The company also announced yesterday that it is “trying” the feature for some iOS system users. Twitter released the test apps, the product went into testing for the first time in June, with plans to eventually make it available to all interested iOS and Android users.

“Know it’s taking a while, but we want to get everything right so the user can enjoy it without fail,” Twitter wrote in an ad.

Hosts can charge $1 to $999 for their rooms with their tickets and can also set a room size limit for them. Those same test group participants will initially keep 97% of the money they earn, after the fee that Apple and Google charge for their in-app purchases. Twitter however will increase its cut from 3% to 20% if a user earns a total of $50,000 from their in-app earnings.


This rate will also increase as the feature becomes more widely available. In a May preview of the feature, Twitter said hosts would keep 80 percent of its revenue after app store fees.

Since the moment Twitter announced and viewed Ticketed Spaces, several changes have been made to the way people can find these respective live audio rooms, it now appears that they will appear to some users at the top of the mobile app. Twitter.

In recent months, Twitter has been striving to make its platform even more attractive to users. The company has relaunched its verification and reporting program that the social network is working on Twitter Blue.

Source: theverge

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