Samsung Galaxy C7 SM-C7000 U3 Android 8.0 Full Turkish Language + FRP Solution


Feb 27, 2020
Samsung Galaxy C7 SM-C7000 U3 8.0 Full Turkish Language + FRP Removal.

1- First of all, download and install the Rom that says Rom from the links I have given below.
If you get an error while installing the rom, in the modem file or in the cache file.
(I got an error in the modem file) Untick the file you got the error and flash the software again. Download the file at the link that says
" FRP ".
After installing the boot in the file named FRP, it will automatically give adb when the device is turned on.
Perform the Reset Frp by selecting the SM-J710F model.

After pressing the start button, the device will open on the Samsung account screen, continue and complete the installation.
By taking the device to download mode again, just select the pda from the full file you downloaded in the link that says Rom and load the boot file inside. (The purpose here is to reload the original bot of the device to the device)

SM-C7000 U3 8.0 Full Turkish Language File
C7000ZHU3BRG1_C7000ZZH3BRG1_TGY 8.0 Firmware 5 Files

SM-C7000 U3 8.0 FRP Removal
C7000ZH U3 Resert Frp Halabtech.7z
If your device writes C7000ZHU3 on the Recovery screen as in the photo , these steps will work 100%.
Password: HALABTECHC7000

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