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This is Xiaomi’s possible rival for the Galaxy Z Flip3

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While we’re all waiting for Samsung’s next high-end devices, namely the Galaxy Fold2 and the Galaxy Z Flip3, two patents have now been revealed last Friday by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. According to the data revealed, everything indicates that the manufacturer will be working on one or even two models of mobile phones, both with the same type of design.

Now thanks to designer Technizo Concept and LetsGoDigital, we can see how the two folding devices from Xiaomi will eventually be, mainly based on the 3D images of the revealed patents. The two devices from Xiaomi will be quite similar to the Samsung Z Flip3 model instead of the Galaxy Fold3 which as we all know has a book-shaped operation.

The two new patents however reveal a difference between them with regard to the rear camera module. In Xiaomi’s first patent is shown a device with a camera module arranged horizontally, a flash, and a small screen, while in the second model we can find a module in a circular shape. Still relative to the first device we will have an extra camera making a total of four lenses but without the small screen when the device is closed.

This is Xiaomis possible rival for the Galaxy Z Flip3

Both patents were reserved in September of last year in Europe and were finally made available last Friday. All this leads to believe that if the Chinese manufacturer goes ahead with the production of these equipments, they will soon be made available in Europe.

It should be noted that big manufacturers like Xiaomi are permanently patenting new ideas and designs. But the fact that something is patented does not necessarily mean that we will have access to those same new ideas as end customers. But in this specific case everything seems to be plausible for at least one Flip device to become a reality.

Source: PhoneArena

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