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This error may prevent you from turning on iPhone Wi-Fi forever

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One of the most unpleasant things when we try to connect a smartphone to the internet is when an error appears that prevents us from doing this daily task so normal for all of us. We are automatically infected with a certain impatience.

Recently, the investigator Carl Schou discovered a bug in the iPhone that disables the mobile phone’s Wi-Fi and affects iPads, as well as Apple’s proprietary services like AirDrop.

“You can permanently block Wi-Fi from any iOS device by having a public Wi-Fi network named %secretclub%power. Resetting network settings does not guarantee functionality recovery”, reads a post by Carl Schou in Twitter.

This error may prevent you from turning on iPhone Wi Fi

The researcher claims that most users, when faced with this problem, restarted the device, however it was not enough. According to the specialized site 9to5Mac, the character “%” is responsible for the error, even though it is a character frequently used in programming languages.

To try to resolve this issue, the user can go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset network settings. This action resets Wi-Fi networks that have already been saved on iPhone. This can potentially eliminate the registration of a less reliable network.

According to MacRumors the problem seems to affect only iOS — Android phones, at least for now, have not been hit by the bug.

It is not yet known when Apple will present a solution to this problem but it is expected that the answer from the tech giant will emerge soon. For now, it is recommended to pay extra attention to all iOS users when connecting via Wi-Fi, and to avoid connecting to unknown networks, especially if they are public.

However, it is anticipated that the bug will not permanently damage the hardware.

Source: 9to5Mac

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