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Third season of the ‘Rocket League’ will feature F1 and NASCAR vehicles

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The third season of the Rocket League begins on April 7, and this time Psyonix is ​​bringing some of the biggest names in motorsport into the game. The NASCAR and Formula 1 vehicles will reach the title of automobile football in May. The developer says he created his own “speed demon” to compete with those cars.

´Tyranno´ will be available during the third season of ´Rocket Pass´. Keeping with the racing theme, Psyonix has redesigned the DFH Stadium arena to add a track and all the track pomp that we can see on the ‘championship Sunday’. The DfH Stadium (Circuit) arena will be available in casual and competitive playlists, along with private games and freeplay.

The NASCAR and F1 stars are the latest in a long line of Rocket League crosses. The game features Ghostbusters ´Ecto-1´ and ´Back to the Future´ DeLorean in the past, along with many other iconic cars and nods to other franchises. There were also crossovers with Stranger Things and Fortnite. In fact, Battle Royale just added a Rocket League emote.

Third season of the Rocket League will feature F1 and

Meanwhile the Super Bowl LV had already arrived in the game, with the developer of Rocket League Psyonix announcing a new celebration event that allows to play a new gameplay mode for a limited time.

Nicknamed Gridiron and only available between February 2 and 8, it was a four-on-four contest, which saw the usual Rocket League arena transformed into an NFL field, complete with corresponding football. Five years after its initial launch, people continue to find reasons to return to the Rocket League, and updates like this are part of the reason.

After going to free-to-play in September, the second season of the game was launched in late 2020, adding a new arena, customization options and original Kaskade music.

Source: Engadget

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