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These will be the new smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

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Facebook and Ray-ban had already announced some new smart glasses that would be announced during today as keeping secrets is increasingly difficult, we already have the first images of these glasses. And if you expected smart glasses in the style of what Google once had, forget it!

The new Ray-ban glasses created in partnership with Facebook will be competitors to Snapchat’s Spectacles. The information was released by the already habitue Evan “Evleaks” Blass, who published several photos of this new product line.

The glasses are called Ray-Ban Stories and, with the exception of the box, the Facebook brand doesn’t appear to appear elsewhere on the product.

Evleaks’ images include three distinct frame styles – Wayfarer, Round and Meteor – and they all look a lot like classic Ray-Ban designs. The difference, of course, is the presence of two chambers on the hinges on either side. There is also a button at the top of the right temple that can be used to operate the cameras.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said of the glasses that they “have the iconic Ray-Ban form factor and allow you to do some pretty cool stuff that we’re sure to get to know today. They don’t have screens for AR functionality, however, we still don’t know what these things might be. Zuckerberg said the product is part of the “journey towards complete augmented reality glasses in the future,” and more advanced AR glasses are also in development.

For now, these photos don’t do much to show how or if Facebook has surpassed the capabilities of even the first Snap glasses — other than making glasses that look like normal Ray-Bans, of course. We hope to have the answer to that question today and we are even curious about what it will be possible to do with the glasses.

Is it just a way to send photos faster to Facebook’s apps and social networks?

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