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There’s still hope for the Galaxy Note 21

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With the Galaxy Note 21 canceling, we’re not sure if Samsung is bringing back its high-end pen-equipped smartphone next year – but the latest evidence suggests there’s still hope.

This evidence is a tweet from a trusted informant ice universe, which says a supply chain source saw “evidence for the existence” of the Galaxy Note 22. It’s not conclusive as far as the evidence is concerned, but we’ll examine it for the moment.

At the moment, we don’t have much more to report on the Galaxy Note 22 – which isn’t surprising considering it’s only a month after August, which is when the main Note phones normally see the light of day.

Part of the reason industry watchers think the Note series may be dead is that the S Pen – once exclusive to Galaxy Note phones – is now compatible with more of the Samsung range, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Significantly, the stylus now works with the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and there’s a lot to suggest that Samsung sees this device as the Note’s long-term successor, even though the company hasn’t officially said so.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 offering what the Note previously offered – a big screen, a premium build and a stylus – it will be very interesting to see if the Note returns in 2022. This latest leak suggests: maybe.

Galaxy Note


While we’re not aware of the discussions going on at Samsung right now, in a market as crowded as smartphones are in 2021 (and will be in 2022), we think there’s room for what the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 can offer consumers.

It’s fair to say that there’s now some overlap with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – the folding phone offers more screen space and can still (almost) fit in your pocket. Pricing remains at the expensive end of the spectrum, though, and while the S Pen is supported, there’s no built-in slot for it.

The Galaxy Note offers a phone that can fit a stylus inside it and that should be available at a price significantly less than any foldable Samsung offer. Which in itself is a great purchase incentive for all users. But we need to wait to know the future of this line.


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