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There will be no content at E3 2021 that gets paid

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E3 is now responding to reports that indicate which parts of the show may be behind a ´Paywall´ system, with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) appearing to have turned to plans to place some elements of its digital program E3 2021 behind a paywall.

Several sources told VGC this month that the event organizer had put forward plans to charge a fee for some of the content planned for 2021, such as on-demand game demos or a ‘premium’ package with extra access. A source suggested that the premium package had been released to publishers for $ 35 (about € 29.8).

However, in a statement issued after the story was published, ESA provided additional comments denying that it would charge for E3 content. “I can confirm, on behalf of ESA, that there will be no elements at E3 2021 that will be behind a paid or pay-for pass,” a spokesman told VGC. Paywall is a method of restricting access to certain content by requiring a subscription payment.

In mid-2010, some newspapers began implementing paid access on their websites as a way to increase revenue, after years of declining readers of the print version and advertising revenue. And now the Entertainment Software Association, the organization behind E3, may have some of the content from this year’s E3 digital event blocked behind a ´Paywall´.

There will be no content at E3 2021 that gets

A report this week of VGC conversations with various editorial sources stated that ESA planned to place at least some parts of the 2021 E3 behind a paywall, with a suggested “premium” package price of $ 35 (about € 29.8 ). The report indicates that these elements would be next to the game demos lines or some other type of “extra access”, and does not seem to suggest that the conferences themselves would be paid for.

However, the VGC report indicated that these plans may be tenuous, since at least one major gaming company had voiced criticism of this plan, and ESA seemed willing to back down. His previous reports described a weeklong “experiment” in mid-June, with three days of content transmission, as well as ongoing content following an official application.

The ideas allegedly launched included keynotes from major companies, a show prize, a preview night, media and scheduling business meetings through an app, demos, “virtual booths” and merchandise stores.

Following this report, E3’s official Twitter account published a statement directly in response to this report that said: “E3’s digital show in 2021
is a free event for all participants. We are excited to inform you of all the real news for the event very soon. ”

And another more specific statement given to ESA’s VGC said that “there will be no elements at E3 2021 that will be behind a payment or paywall. ESA had already confirmed that this year’s E3 would be a digital event after E3 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19. Instead, most major publishers and platform owners have chosen to hold their own individual events spread throughout the summer months.

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ESA was already under pressure to reinvent E3, with several major publishers, including EA, Sony and Activision, having abandoned the event in recent years – and that was before the cancellation of 2020, after which many companies like EA and Ubisoft have successfully run their own digital events. And joining the E3 agenda in a meaningful way still requires six-figure sums, although ESA has reduced its order prices by a third since the beginning of the year (and the transmission time offered reflects this). Several publication sources told VGC that they hoped to provide some content for the E3 digital event, as a demonstration of support for ESA, but that they would end up reserving their main revelations for separate and independent digital events like those held last year. ESA – which is funded by and serves the interests of game publishers – would probably argue that a unified digital game event would grab the world’s attention more effectively than a series of small shows.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle

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