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There may be a big surprise in the name of the next iPhone

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We already know that Apple will announce the new iPhones tomorrow, as well as some other news together, being practically certain the Apple Watch 7, and other surprises are not discarded. However, the biggest surprise may not be products, but names. Yes that’s right.

In recent days there has been a rumor that Apple may not follow its recent logic regarding iPhone names. That is, instead of launching iPhone 13, I could skip this number and launch iPhone 14. Why? Apparently for reasons of superstition.

Apple used to follow a nomenclature where one year the iPhone was the number, when there were design changes, and the next year, with the same design but more hardware-focused changes, the number was released with an “S”. That is, the iPhone 4, then the iPhone 4S, then the iPhone 5, then the iPhone 5S, and so on. This has always been the case until the iPhone 8 model.


The following year, instead of launching the iPhone 8S, he decided to launch the iPhone X, to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and to this he also added several new features. The following year Apple still released the iPhone Xs, but then dropped the “S”, releasing, in the following years, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Following the latest nomenclature, this year it should be the iPhone 13, and so far everything has indicated that it is, however, the number 13 is a number that is often associated with Azar and there are many situations where companies skip this nomenclature . For example, it is very common to see planes without seat 13, as well as at airports port 13 does not exist either. And we also found hotels without floor number 13.

But will Apple skip the iPhone 13 and announce the iPhone 14?

Rumors have recently surfaced about the iPhone 2022, with the name iPhone 14, however that wouldn’t stop Apple from skipping the 13. The point here is that if we investigate Apple’s products a little more, we find that Apple has some products with the number 13. For example, the 2016 MacBopok Pro was named MacBook Pro 13, which can be found that reference on Apple’s own website, while the A13 Bionic processor and the iOS 13 operating system were well present .

Therefore, and despite some rumors that point to this possibility, Apple has already demonstrated that it is not governed by superstitions. By the way, the iPhone 4 was a great sales success and the number 4 is also a superstitious number in Asian countries.

At most, the question could be between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12S, however Apple skipped the “S” on the iPhone 11 so it should do the same tomorrow.

Source: Gizchina

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