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There is no longer anything to hide about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

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There is no longer any doubt that, nowadays, it is impossible to have secrets and when it is just over a month before the announcement of Samsung’s new folding smartphones, new Galaxy Z Flip 3 renders are revealed that give us an overview of the whole the smartphone, with great emphasis on the various colors that will be available, and not long ago we had images of the Z Fold 3.

The news also comes with a possible release date for the Z Flip 3 on August 3, confirming earlier rumors of a major Samsung Unpacked event on that date, as well as a US price of $1,400. This is slightly below the cost of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, something that has also been touted as likely.

There are already some rumors about the Samsung Z Flip 3, however we had not yet received information at this level, such as what was released by the GizNext website, with images of the smartphones.

Taking these renders into account, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 won’t be much different from its predecessors, except for a larger external display – which GizNext indicates is 1.9 inches, up from 1.1 inches of the previous ones. The collapsible also gets a larger pair of main chambers, aligned vertically to the side of the display. The new renders show a little more of the outer screen’s reach, like media controls during audio playback, implying that it will be a touch-sensitive screen.

There is no longer anything to hide about the Samsung

Leak also shows what colors it will come in: a dark green in forest tones, a light violet, a beige that looks more pastel yellow and traditional black, although the post chalkNext also suggest that it will come in pink, grey, dark blue and white. The images indicate that all models will have a two-tone appearance, with the external display and cameras encased in a rectangle of solid, glossy black glass.

There are other exciting rumors as well, such as one suggesting the Z Flip 3 could work with the Samsung S Pen stylus, which is also expected to be present on the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3. Given that the main display isn’t very large – supposedly the same 6.9-inch screen and 25:9 aspect ratio, according to GizNext – the S Pen might not make as much sense, but it could be a compatibility, just like happens with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The well-known Evan Blass, published videos where we can see the design of these smartphones.

But, considering the time left, it is very likely that we will have more news about this smartphone in the near future, namely images confirming these designs.

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