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There is already a country in the world that accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. Know what it is!

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Cryptocurrencies are everywhere and we’ve heard a lot about it lately. Mainly Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that was born in 2007, which has already been worth more than 60 thousand dollars and has already been adopted as a means of payment on several websites. One of the biggest boosters of the currency’s value was Tesla, which decided to accept Bitcoin as payment, but just over a month later backtracked on this intention due to the environmental cost associated with Bitcoin.

The truth is that this cryptocurrency is accepted in many places, but so far no country has truly accepted Bitcoin, with some countries creating their own currencies. But everything has changed today, as Bitcoin is now considered a legal currency in the world’s first country.

It was a few hours ago that history was made in the Congress of El Salvador, a country in Central America, which led to the vote to accept Bitcoin as a bargaining chip. It is not an official currency, however it is a currency that, from now on, is accepted by the economy as legal, one of the great steps in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and that made the fans of these coins all over the world happy.

There is already a country in the world that accepts

According to the approved diploma, the objective is the “regularization of bitcoin as legal currency, without restrictions, with liberating power, unlimited in any transaction”, while merchants will have to accept it as payment, “when offered by the person who purchases a good or service ”.

In terms of exchange, El Salvador will not set a value, as it will be made freely by the market and is not subject to taxes, particularly when exchanges between currencies generate capital gains. The authorities will also create a framework so that currency circulation is possible between traders and consumers.

Bitcoin had fallen to values ​​that had not reached for some time, of 31,000 dollars, but this news put the cryptocurrency on the rise again, worth at this time values ​​around 35,000 dollars.

Source: CNBC

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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