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The US military relies on artificial intelligence techniques

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Documents have emerged confirming the US military’s reliance on artificial intelligence techniques to identify people through their photos. By relying on the services of Clearview AI, with which I have a contract.

Cleaview AI provides facial recognition services based on artificial intelligence technologies and is available to businesses, governments, universities and individuals.

The company provides very important services to the US military within this contract, such as identifying criminal networks and facilitating the operations of securing and protecting sensitive areas.

In accordance with the contract between the two parties, and other documents that emerged from internal sources, the company will offer the US military significant discounts within this contract, and the US military will benefit from these services through the Internal Investigations Command Department. It investigates criminal operations that may affect civilian workers within the military. Along with other uses.

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The US military’s use of artificial intelligence

Clearview’s AI facial recognition technologies rely on billions of photos uploaded from social networks.

Clearview AI technologies generally allow people to be searched through existing photos of them. Where the search is based on the available image, and then the artificial intelligence determines the owner of the image by searching among the images that were pulled from the Internet.

Thus, the information of the owner of the photo can be known, since the search process leads to one of his accounts on social networks, which undoubtedly includes his basic information.

and estimated number The images contained within the service’s database are more than three billion images. While the company is giving a free trial period to thousands of police officers, and to some private security companies.

Investors seem to be interested in this company and what it has to offer, as it raised up to $30 million in its latest investment round.

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Controversial company

The company pulls these images from social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many others. The company has been subjected to several accusations from these companies in general because it is against the policies of these companies to remove users’ photos in this way.

The company has also been subject to public lawsuits by several organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Union. Other destinations interested in digital security.

The contract was signed between the US Army and Clearview AI in September of the year 2020. The AI ​​company gave the US military a rebate where it would only pay $1,000 per license to use it, instead of $2,000.

And the US military paid in exchange for 15 use licenses, and the discount period within this contract lasts for five full years.

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There is no doubt that the US military’s use of these technologies has raised many reservations. Nate Whistler, the staff attorney general for opinion and privacy issues at the ACLU, said she was concerned about the US military’s use of Clearview AI technologies. While they have already started to sue this company.

On the other hand, some observers of this issue have sought an excuse for the US military. And for the security authorities in general, because these technologies are used to combat very serious crimes, such as murder, rape, armed robbery, and others.

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