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The State of Play dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West is today at 10 pm

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Aimed at the second half of 2021, the game Horizon Forbidden West presents itself as the precursor to the success of Horizon Zero Dawn – being one of the most anticipated titles of recent times -, announced in June 2020 during the Playstation conference. This new game aims to demonstrate the potential of the new generation of consoles, however, there is confirmation that it will also accompany the Playstation 4 generation.

Sony recently announced a State of Play in May (today, the 27th) dedicated exclusively to Forbidden West, captured directly on a Playstation 5 console. As usual, the content (gameplay) will have a duration of 14 minutes – where you will be able to absorb a little of what the series will be about – and will be broadcast on the official PlayStation channel on Youtube and Twitch.

This public event organized by SIE it is an invitation to the community to interact before an official launch with some of the content to be expected at the launch (with the necessary improvements). So this game triple-A aims to revolutionize the generation – to date – being shown today at 10 pm (in mainland Portugal) or 6 pm (Brasília time).

The State of Play dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West is

Effectively, the Guerrilla Games took advantage of social networks, namely, Twitter to publicize this event (in a total of 20 minutes) with some details of what will be the future of the highly technological post-apocalyptic world of Horizon. “This revelation was a real team effort and we are very excited to show what we have prepared. Whether you are with us and Aloy since Horizon Zero Dawn or if you are just getting to know this incredible world, we want to share with you this great milestone with you, where we can’t wait to see your favorite moments and reactions ”, says Playstation.

Horizon Forbidden West continues the adventures of the iconic Aloy, one of the most influential and beloved heroines of players from all over the world. Here, the world is dying and relentless storms and unstoppable destruction plague humanity’s scattered resistance, while new fearsome machines hunt across borders. Life on Earth is heading towards extinction and no one knows why.

It is up to Aloy to unveil the secrets behind these threats and restore order and balance to the world. On your adventure, you will meet old friends, forge alliances with new warrior factions and discover the legacy of a forgotten past. And all of this is always attentive to the advances of a new and apparently invincible enemy. Regardless of what is to come, we can expect something in the theme seen in the first title of the series.

We hope you are as anxious as we are to know a little more of what is to come in this sequel. At the moment, there is already a schedule that you can access to follow the event at 10 pm (in Portugal). Below, you can find that link and even create a reminder so you don’t forget and don’t miss this very special event.

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