The solution to the problem of YouTube not working on Android or iPhone

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The YouTube application is one of the most popular video-watching applications at all, so it comes installed by default on many Android phones, and you can install it on almost any phone, but sometimes many users face the problem of YouTube not working on the phone, and this is annoying to To some extent, and this problem appears in different ways, you may not be able to run the application at all, or you may enter the application, but you cannot play the videos, and whatever the problem you are facing, here are some solutions that will help you get rid of this problem permanently.

Restart the phone

The solution to the problem of YouTube not working on Android or iPhone 1

This solution may be somewhat simple, and you may not want to try it although it is considered a very effective solution in solving many problems, not only problems related to the YouTube application, but many other problems that you may encounter on the phone, so restart your phone. First, you can do this by simply clicking the power button for several seconds and then choosing Restart or Restart from the results that appear, this may help you solve the problem of YouTube not working on the phone.

Check your internet connection

YouTube not working problem

Without an internet connection, you cannot play videos on the YouTube app if you have not downloaded them before, and you cannot use YouTube well if the Internet connection is weak, and for this it is better to check the internet connection, by entering any browser and trying Searching for something, to find out if the internet is available or not. In the event that there is a problem with the Internet, you can turn off the Wi-Fi and then turn it back on, as well as for the phone data, as well as do not forget to make sure that the network covers the place you are.

Activate and disable Airplane Mode

YouTube not working problem

Airplane mode is available on all Android and iPhone phones, this mode completely disables all wireless connections as it prevents calls, messages, etc., so if there is a problem with your internet connection even though the place you are in has good network coverage, you can In this case, activate the flight mode for one minute and then disable it again, and this is supposed to help you solve the connection problem, and you can activate the airplane mode easily by pulling the notification panel from the top of the phone screen and then clicking on the flight mode (the plane icon) to activate it or Disable it, and this solution is very effective for Internet connection problems and thus solve the problem of YouTube not working on the phone.

Check that the date and time are set

The solution to YouTube not working on Android or iPhone 2 problem

In many cases, you may encounter the problem of YouTube not working and other applications on your phone if you do not set the time and date well, and for this you must make sure of this first, check the time and date and if you find that it is incorrect, you can change it by entering the Settings application on Your phone and then choose the system or general management and click on the time and date. Here you can adjust the settings manually or activate the “automatic” option as it automatically sets the time and date accurately.

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Clear cache

The solution to the problem of YouTube not working on Android or iPhone 3

One of the best solutions to fix YouTube not working on Android or iPhone is to clear the cache and data of the YouTube app through the Settings app. As for the first option, which is clearing the cache of the YouTube app, it does not delete any data from the YouTube app, or any other app, but for the second option, which is deleting the data, it will reset the YouTube app settings.

You can delete the cache or data for the YouTube application on your phone, by entering the settings application and choosing applications, notifications or applications and choose the YouTube application from among the applications that appear to you, then click on delete the cache and restart the phone and then make sure of The YouTube application works fine, if it is not, then go to the settings again and click on the YouTube app and choose to delete data or delete storage and this should help you solve the problem of YouTube not working on the phone.

Update YOUTUBE App

If you have an old version of YouTube, it may have many problems that have been fixed in the latest version of the application, so be sure to always update the application and here are the steps below:

  • Go to the Play Store on your Android phone, and in the search bar type YouTube.
  • Among the results that appear, click on The YouTubeThen, click on the “Update” option and wait for it to complete.
  • If you do not find an update option and find “Open” instead, then you have the latest version of the application on your phone.
  • It is also better for you to update Google services on your phone, through the same previous steps, this may help you solve the problem.

Reinstall the YouTube app

YouTube not working problem

Another very effective solution to the problem of YouTube not working on the phone, as you completely uninstall the application from your phone, and then you reinstall it again, and in order to do this, enter the Play Store application and then search for YouTube again, but this Once click on “Uninstall”, then reinstall it again. On some phones, the YouTube app will not be uninstalled as it is already installed on the phone, in which case it will be reverted to the original version, and then you can reinstall it again.


These were some of the most effective solutions to the problem of YouTube not working, and you can try some or all of these solutions until you can completely solve the problem, but if the problem is not solved through the previous steps, you can try some advanced solutions such as factory reset the phone, but instead From that, you can use other alternative YouTube applications or you can use YouTube through the site on any browser you have.

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