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The Samsung Tab S7 Lite could be 5G

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This ‘affordable’ tablet should be released in three models: Wi-Fi only, and with LTE and 5G variants in the respective model numbers SM-T730, SM-T735 and SM-T736B / SM-T736N, according to SamMobile . There may even be another model, potentially larger in size, that would be named as ´Plus´ or ´XL´ version, according to SamMobile. It is not clear what kind of connectivity you may have.

Samsung, which had unveiled its first 5G tablet shortly after CES 2020 – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G – before launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with 5G at the end of the year, is now in the running for an affordable 5G tablet, and it is unclear whether it will be the first affordable tablet to be marketed in 2021.

Other competitors include an unnamed TCL 5G tablet that the brand announced at CES 2021, but did not reveal any details, such as price or release date. Given the brand’s trend towards accessibility – the TCL Tab 10s tablet introduced at the same time costs 249 $ (about 205 €)) for its 4G LTE Version – even so, the author of the article says that he did not expect the 5G tablet it was expensive.

The Samsung Tab S7 Lite could be 5G

That may leave us thinking that other affordable Android tablets may arrive this year, and that they support 5G. Given that an iPad that connects to next generation networks has not been seen, it is not expected that this functionality would become widely available on the most accessible levels of Apple tablets, but we will have to wait and see what 2021 brings.

Thus, the next affordable Samsung Tab series tablet could support 5G connectivity, according to a new rumor. What model and when it will come out, are not yet clear, but if true, it would be one of the first cheap tablets with 5G capacity to reach the market. The tablet can be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8e.

Source: Techradar

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