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The Panasonic New JX600 and JX700 Series TVs

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Panasonic extends its 2021 TV range with the introduction of two new LED series. The JX700 and JX600 series models are equipped with a wide range of content, applications and services. streaming that complement the excellent picture quality of Panasonic televisions. The company has combined advanced features with extraordinary versatility in these models, which will go on sale at more affordable prices.

Panasonic continues to focus on impressive image quality, unrivaled performance and refined sound, three elements that create immersive experiences for movie lovers, gamers or sports fans.

JX700 series with Android TV, the best option to enjoy thousands of unlimited apps

With Panasonic JX700 series televisions, entertainment lovers will have access to thousands of movies and series thanks to the possibilities offered by Android TV. Users will be able to download applications or games through Google Play, which gives access to major entertainment and content platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube.


Google Assistant is available in the remote control option for voice control of the TV. There are thousands of options available like switching between apps or opening games on your TV.

You can also enjoy other more advanced possibilities such as managing tasks, organizing your calendar or controlling smart home devices quickly and easily.

Users can connect their phone, tablet or laptop to the new JX700 to send or share movies, shows, apps or games on their TV thanks to the built-in Chromecast.

As for the picture, the JX700 series includes a 4K Ultra HD LED panel that supports various HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. In this way, it is possible to guarantee a fantastic depth and realism of the HDR sources.

For sound processing, Panasonic has introduced Dolby Atmos in these models, a technology that delivers immersive experiences and puts viewers at the center of the action. Furthermore, thanks to its four HDMI inputs, users will be able to connect different external sources to further enhance their TV experience.


Panasonic JX700 series televisions have a sleek, frameless design, allowing comfortable viewing of content on the screen. The models in this series will be available in silver and metallic black from autumn in different sizes: 75, 65, 55, 50 and 43 inches.

Panasonic JX600 series, new 4K models compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

The new JX600 series models have a 4K Ultra HD resolution and are equipped with very interesting functions. Users will have access to a lot of content thanks to streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or Twitch. The JX600 series works with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, so the TV can be controlled with any compatible device.

Gamers can enjoy Game Mode, which improves the screen settings to adapt to the intensity of the game. With this mode, a perfect synergy is created between the TV and the player, reducing latency so that the action is seen on the screen at the same time the player presses the remote buttons.

With HDR support and integrated Dolby Atmos audio processing, this new series offers exceptional picture and sound quality. Televisions are compliant with HDR standards such as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, allowing for more vivid colors to be displayed, as well as higher contrast and brightness levels when playing HDR content. This allows the color and brightness information to dynamically change for a fascinating image.


On the other hand, thanks to DolbyAtmos technology, users can also enjoy a sound experience with the greatest clarity, bringing realism to movies, shows, music, sports and video games.

The JX600 series televisions will be available later in the summer with a silver and dark titanium finish. In terms of size, these models can be found in 65, 58, 55, 50 and 43 inches.

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