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The next electric Volvo XC90 features LiDAR technology

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the swedes of Volvo have been adopting a zero-emissions course for the new models that reach the market — having been the first construction company to abandon exclusively thermal engines —, investing in new hybrid vehicles and electric. The Volvo XC40 Recharge was the latest addition from the northern European-based manufacturer. According to what was published, the XC90 in 2022 it has LiDAR technology to aid autonomous mobility.

THE remote sensing optical technology, known as LiDAR, consists of a system for measuring reflected light beams in order to obtain a perception of the distance from the reflecting object, usually through a laser pulse. For the new luxury model, Volvo has the support of Luminary which is behind the development of this important system that allows correcting errors that are not correctly perceived through the cameras or the sonar system present in most autonomous driving vehicles.

Volvo is a reference in terms of car safety, so this type of system is one of the many innovations developed by the Scandinavians, both in semi-trailers (trucks) and in light cars. O XC90, can adopt the suffix “Recharge” — identical to what happens with the XC40 — also becoming a pioneer of Volvo’s new safety package.

The next electric Volvo XC90 features LiDAR technology

While the Luminary and the Zenseact are engaged in the development of distance recognition system software, NVIDIA actively participates in the development of Volvo’s autonomous driving system, due to the processor NVIDIA Drive Orin which has been bearing good fruit in this area for Swedish engineers, putting its package on par with others such as Audi or Tesla.

In this way, Volvo expects to be able to lower the costs associated with car insurance for its vehicles by rarity of incidents involving these light — which have numerous driving aids and even the existence of car insurance coverage in order to reduce costs for the owner — and which will be an interesting milestone for the car market.

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More details about the Scandinavians’ plans will be revealed on June 30, 2021 at Volvo Cars Tech Moment where we can learn a little more about what will be present in the construction company’s next models.

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