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The new BenQ DesignVue PD2725U professional monitor arrives in Portugal

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BenQ, a supplier of devices for digital life distributed in Portugal by Robisa, presents the DesignVue PD2725U design monitor, which offers an instant color adjustment model with ICCsync color consistency on a 27-inch swivel screen with more than one billion of colors.

With exclusive AQCOLOR technology that provides industry standard color performance with uniformity of screens with specialized calibration and color consistency, the PD2725U provides designers with the definitive platform for accurate editing and faithful reproduction of their ideas and projects.

Design modes specialized in design

The PD2725U offers several viewing modes with professional results. CAD / CAM mode allows you to see the contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations; Animation mode improves the clarity of dark areas without overexposing the brightest areas; Dark Room mode adjusts to vision needs in darkened environments; and finally, the DualView mode allows the use of two viewing modes side by side.

The new BenQ DesignVue PD2725U professional monitor arrives in Portugal

ICCsync color consistency

BenQ’s new function helps designers effortlessly combine ICC (International Color Consortium) color space profiles between monitors and computers. ICCsync allows instant adjustment of the color mode, and can be controlled using the Display Pilot software or the monitor itself.

The PD2725U has HDR-10 compatible with VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification.

High-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity

The PD2725U also features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity via two USB-C ports with 65 W power. This allows you to stream content to up to two 4K monitors while transferring audio, video and data seamlessly.

A monitor prepared to unleash creativity. Designed specifically for graphic designers with a screen size open to a multitude of possibilities.


Its compatibility eliminates the unnecessary complexity of the creative process. By suppressing time-consuming and repetitive adjustments, the PD2725U frees you up time and energy for what matters most.

Color space 100% sRGB and 95% P3 and Rec.709. As more and more applications, devices and websites adopt P3, the PD2725U is able to easily load and reproduce images imported from different sources.

Creative professionals demand excellence. BenQ offers you that with the PD2725U, which has the CalMAN Verified and Pantone certificate. So you can trust your colors.

Pricing and availability

The BenQ DesignVue PD2725U is available on the Portuguese market through Robisa with a recommended price of € 999.00.

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