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The new Android 12 may be coming soon

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Google recently revealed a small piece of information that appears to be opening the doors to Android 12 soon. In the last year, the company launched the first Developer Preview of Android 11 on February 11, and the final version on the last Android was only released on September 8. Everything seems to indicate this year the timeline it should be something similar, which leads us to believe that there is still some time to go before we can get Android 12 on our devices.

A few days ago, Google left us a small sign of Developer Preview of Android 12. According to what the 9to5Google site found last Thursday, the application of feedback Android beta had an update to Android 12.

The purpose of this application is to allow users to report directly to Google any problems they may encounter and are experiencing with the version beta.

However, the company recommends that all those who have already installed the application Feedback uninstall it once the trial period ends. It will then be possible to upgrade from version 2.11 to version 2.15-betterbug.external_20201211_RC02. Even so, after the respective installation it will not be possible to use it.

The new Android 12 may be coming soon

Google has a habit of starting its program Developer Preview in March, but last year it started in February. And with the update now released for the respective application, and the entry of February everything seems to be on track. So users of Pixel 3 and Pixel 5 devices will have a difficult decision ahead of them. When the program Android public beta start, they will have to decide whether it is worthwhile to be subject to bugs of the usual and some exaggerated battery consumption or stay with the future generation of Android.

Traditionally, Google releases two versions Developer Previews followed by three versions beta before making the final version available to the public.

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Source: Phone Arena

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