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The new and updated Android 11 features that have appeared so far –

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The second beta version of the expected Android 11 operating system was launched recently, and this version came with many features and characteristics that are widely expected to be available on the final version of Android 11, and this version included a lot of features and tremendous updates, including those related to the offer, including What is related to notifications, as well as what is related to the screen, etc.

Improving some features that were present in previous versions of the Android system have also been added, in addition to deleting some features that were not good, and below we discuss with you all the features of Android 11 in detail.

New Android 11 features

New Android 11 features

  • Screen recordingGoogle was very interested in adding a screen recorder to Android phones, and in the beta version of Android 11 This feature appeared with a number of great features, such as the ability to record phone voice or microphone sound, or both together, and the feature now works smoothly and very simple so as not to affect the phone’s performance.
  • Ignore notifications during the video: One of the things that annoys many users of cell phones and Android phones is the appearance of some notifications on the screen during filming and this is sure that it annoys you a lot and you cannot photograph the beautiful moments well, and for this reason Google has added the feature to ignore notifications during video shooting in Android 11 This means that it will not appear on the screen.
  • Touch sensitivity increasedA lot of Android phone users suffer from a problem with the sensitivity of touching the screen when using a screen protector, especially with some phones such as the A series provided by Samsung, but in Android 11 you are supposed to notice this problem thanks to the updates that Google added on touch.
  • Add notification log: Google has added a very special update to notifications, which is the “Notification History”, through which you can access notifications that you passed earlier, which was not available on previous versions of Android.
  • Automatically disable app permissions: This feature is related to privacy on your Android phone, and it is a feature that automatically disables permissions (camera, location, microphone …) for apps that you have not used for a long time, which provides you with more security, protection and privacy.

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Android 11 updated features

Android 11 updated features

  • Modify the screen capture interfaceIt is known that you can take a screenshot on Android phones in general, but in Android 11 this feature will be updated so that a button is added to delete the image directly after capturing it, and this will be very useful if you accidentally took a picture.
  • Media player updateIf you are a fan of listening to audio clips, then you are sure to be used to finding the media player through the notification center, however in Android 11 this command has been updated so that the player has been moved to the quick settings area with the addition of a number of tools such as choosing a device Output.
  • Undo deletion of apps: Google had added a new feature to the beta version of Android 11, which is the ability to restore recently deleted apps, but this feature has now been removed.

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  • Option to select text in the overview menuGoogle has added a new option in the Overview menu, which is a button that allows you to select text and copy it from one application to another on your Android phone.
  • Do not disable bluetooth in Airplane modeIt is known that when you turn on Airplane mode, all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are disabled, and you can also restart either of them again manually while in flight mode, but in the new update, the flight mode does not disable bluetooth and this command will It is very useful for avoiding, for example, disconnecting bluetooth headsets while in airplane mode.
  • Pin apps to the share list: This feature had been previously added to Android 10, but it was deleted, but Google has brought it back to Android 11 so that the most used applications will appear to you in the share list, and you can also install certain applications if you want to.

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