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The most prominent uses of artificial intelligence in sports, especially football

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For several years prior, FIFA was reluctant to introduce and use technology in the world’s number one popular sport.

Although he was a little late, he finally succumbed to the calls for it, introducing a technology Video Assistant Referee or VAR.

This technology in particular helped resolve many controversial decisions, and has become an essential element in all major football leagues and tournaments.

In addition, the main referee has become more confident in deciding whether or not the ball has crossed the entire circumference of the goal line, regardless of his position on the field.

This is thanks to a technique called (goal line). Goal Line developed by the company (Hawk Eye) a leader in sports technology.

This technology and others notably help in making faster and better decisions in the game of football.

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Examples of the uses of artificial intelligence in sports

Data from algorithms powered by AI technology can add more value to various sports now and in the future.

Giving a football referee a third eye

Among the first technologies to be officially adopted in football are Goal Line and VAR.

These two technologies are now more dependent on artificial intelligence to make them faster and more efficient.

Both provide additional support to the main referee by helping him make the right decisions on the field.

(Goal line) technology has become smarter with the support of artificial intelligence, through its integration with another technology called Goal Decision System (GDS).

This technology is a special ball developed by the German company Cairos Technology in cooperation with the sportswear company Adidas.

The principle of this technique is that a small chip embedded in the ball communicates with electrical extensions around the goal, and through communication between the ball and the magnetic field of these extensions, the program for this technology will be able to determine whether the ball has crossed the goal line in its entire circumference or not.

The most prominent uses of artificial intelligence in sports especially

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AI may also take VAR technology upscale, as AI can improve the technology’s ability to spot offsides.

Additionally, there is FIFA’s semi-automated stealth system that integrates player tracking with AI.

Instead of using one point per player, this system tracks between 15 and 20 points per player.

The most prominent uses of artificial intelligence in sports especially

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Making strategic decisions in football

AI can also help develop and improve team strategies and make game-changing decisions Rather than relying on the coach’s experience to make these decisions, or by manually analyzing opponents’ data.

Now through the use of artificial intelligence tools, the trainer will be able to analyze this data, And developing tactics can be useful when making decisions, especially while selecting the right players for each match.

Most importantly, it removes the emotional factor when choosing players by choosing the player based only on facts and numbers and not favouritism.

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For example, English football club Leatherhead FC (Leatherhead FC) Using AI tools to better understand his competitors and develop a strategic plan for the team.

To this end, The club’s cooperation with IBM To test a technology developed by the company that checks match reports, In order to collect information and analyze the competing teams.

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Using AI to predict match results and prevent injuries on the field

used company olocip Based in Madrid, Spain, machine learning algorithms predict success or failure in the field.

The company claims that its AI-powered system He can predict what will happen in the next 15 minutes of the game.

According to the company, this technology can also be used to reduce injuries on the field. And that is by analyzing the numbers and the data received, which shows how much effort the player has made to determine whether he should leave or continue.

It also uses the National Football League NFL Artificial intelligence techniques to measure the impact of a collision on the head.

If player data indicates that He was hit hard enoughHe must leave the field for a specified period of time.

5 of the most prominent uses of artificial intelligence in football

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Improve team performance with AI data

Includes Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) Wearable smart device Used to monitor, track and analyze player performance on the field.

This device is worn on the upper body, between the shoulder bones, and is held in place by a jacket.

Sensors built into the device measure details such as the distance the player has traveled, In addition to the areas of the field in which the player spends most of his time, his heart rate and other data.

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Enhance your football viewing experience

Cloud-based AI solutions can be used to provide more in-depth insight into every live match broadcast, Thus trying to provide a better football viewing experience on TV, as this can provide fans with real-time predictions about when a goal is likely to be scored.

The German League (Bundesliga) was concluded Partnership deal With Amazon AWS cloud storage.

The partnership between the two parties is that Amazon will provide more in-depth insights into every live broadcast of its matches for the upcoming season.

In addition, this partnership also enables automation of the broadcasting process and tagging of highlights in different matches.

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