The most important features of Gmail you should not miss to know about 2021

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Despite the control of Zoom and Slack applications, email is still an important part in most of our business and personal matters, especially Gmail, which includes more than 1.5 billion users around the world, and it is possible for you to be aware of the most important basics of Gmail but there are many Of the features and tricks you may not have known about and that can help you simplify your work and life life, check out these Gmail tips to access many inboxes, as well as add a signature, recall an e-mail easily, and more. Here are the best features of Gmail Gmail Don’t miss her knowledge of 2021.

What are the most important Gmail features that you cannot miss in 2021?

Access to multiple accounts simultaneously

If you have more than one active Gmail account, with Gmail features you can easily navigate between them effortlessly, all you have to do is click on your profile icon in the upper right and choose to add another account, and from here you will be able to log in You will be able to access the new account by clicking on your profile icon in the future, and when you do not use an account frequently enough, you will be logged out of it.

Control filters

With many websites that need your email address, your inbox may be filled with many junk messages, and you may want to organize emails better by prioritizing those messages from specific people, and one of the most important features of Gmail is It enables you to control the filters by opening the Gmail application, then clicking on the settings option, and choosing all settings, See All Settings, and from here you can click on Filters and Blocked Addresses and then choose New Filter.

You can organize your filter to organize emails according to sender, recipient, subject, keywords and more, and when you are done defining your specifications you should click on the Create Filter option.

Signature preparation

Gmail provides you with the ability to set your own signature when composing a message, which makes your emails look more professional and that is one of the best features of Gmail that it provides to users. To set up a signature for all outgoing messages, you can open the mail and then choose the settings and then all the settings and from there you can scroll Down until the Signature option, then click on Create New, and after completing its creation, all the signatures that you have made will be visible in the settings and you can modify or delete them at any time.

Undo a sent message

Gmail features

We may send a message and then we want to undo it, and many users do not know that Gmail provides them with the ability to undo the sent message immediately after pressing the Send option and this is one of the best features of Gmail, where a message will appear at the bottom of the screen stating that the message that you have By sending it and another option that states that you can undo the message, and if you want to undo, you can click the Undo option, and then Gmail will stop sending the message, and you can also control how long you are allowed to undo the message, and you can do that through the Undo Send settings. From there you can control the duration and choose between five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

Scheduling a transmission

One of the most important features of Gmail is that it enables you to schedule messages in an easy way. If you have coworkers in different time zones and you do not want to bother them with an email notification at inappropriate times, all you have to do is write the message and instead of clicking on the send option, you can click on the small arrow Down and select Schedule to send and at that time the application suggests some possible times, but you can also enter a specific time manually.

spelling check

Gmail provides a spell check feature, and this feature can help you correct words that you are not sure of due to the speed of writing, and at that time the proofing tool puts a line under the wrong words with the ability to suggest the correct words, and the mail also contains grammar and auto-correction features as well, and you can activate These features are available through the Spell Check settings.

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