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The most important additions to Microsoft Teams to organize teams and improve productivity

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Microsoft Teams has a set of add-ons that you can install in it to make it easier for your team to work. Make them not need to exit from within the app at all.

These additives help to organize the work and get better results than usual. Time on team members and brings different aspects of work together in one place.

You can think of these add-ons as utilities that you use in your virtual corporate office.

Many consider that the strength of Microsoft Teams comes from the diversity of add-ons and the ability to install them easily within the platform.

These add-ons are not limited to the additions provided by Microsoft, but some third-party companies offer these additions as well.

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Watch the video in Microsoft Teams:

You can rely on recorded video materials for things like training for new team members or recording and relaying meetings to those who couldn’t attend, which is what Microsoft Strem does.

And through Stream, you can view the video either from a previous recording or through a live broadcast of the meeting at the same time as it is happening. This is useful for helping and developing home workers.

You can also integrate YouTube with the Microsoft Teams platform through its add-on, so that you can use the content that you pre-select from within YouTube.

You can view the YouTube tutorial content inside Microsoft Teams and leave it there as a reference for anyone who wants to come back to it.

addition Polly To do surveys:

You can make a quick opinion poll through quick points that you put in the Microsoft Teams application to leave your team members the ability to participate and express their opinion.

The idea of ​​​​the work of the extension does not differ from the opinion polls on Twitter, for example, or Facebook.

It works the same way in that you make a set of choices and leave the employees to choose.

You can use this extension to decide the type of documents that you will send to your client, or to specify the locations of gatherings and events for the company.

addition Karma Within Microsoft distinguish:

Add karma in Microsoft Teams

With this add-on, you can distribute positive points and rate your team members within Microsoft Teams.

This is because a positive evaluation encourages everyone to improve and motivate them to do the best and try to get the most points possible to win first place in Microsoft Teams.

Lots of companies rely on the ideal employee principle, but present it with a final selection that appears to everyone, but adding Karma will allow you and other members of your team to rate their colleagues and display that evaluation as points.

You can honor the person who gets the highest points as an example and give them the ideal employee award. This is what the plugin does as it makes the workplace fun and unobtrusive.

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