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The merger between Messenger and Instagram exceeds Facebook expectations

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Facebook has made it clear that users’ adoption of the interoperability between Messenger and Instagram exceeds expectations.

And he said Stan ChudnovskyFacebook Messenger Head: We are exceeding our expectations in terms of speed and number of people upgrading.

He explained that more than 60 percent of eligible Instagram users have updated to the new experience, which allows them to exchange messages with people via Messenger.

This marks the first time that Facebook has provided a figure on the update adoption rate.

In March 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to allow in-app messaging between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

From Facebook’s point of view, allowing people to exchange messages via apps removes the sticking point that people don’t know which app to use, which increases messaging usage.

Today, however, Facebook does not make much money by advertising within its messaging apps.

Facebook began introducing communication via applications between Messenger and Instagram users in September 2020, but the WhatsApp platform is still far from this merger.

Before that happens, Facebook must create end-to-end encryption in Messenger, because WhatsApp includes this feature.

This update will not be completed until 2022, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Facebook no longer separates usage figures for each application separately, but in 2017 it said: Messenger has more than 1.3 billion monthly users.

In 2018, she said: Instagram has more than a billion users, while in 2020 she said: WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users.

The adoption of the link between Messenger and Instagram was a confidence booster for Chudnovsky and his team as they built their interoperability.

And 70 percent of Americans use three or more messaging apps, according to Facebook researchA third of these users find it difficult to remember where certain conversations are located, which is why the company says: It is building communication across apps.

Chudnovsky said: The Messenger platform could serve more users if Apple opens its iOS system to allow iPhone users to choose their default messaging apps.

He added: When it comes to messaging applications, we support the right to choose from the point of view that a person should be able to choose a specific application as the default application on their phone.

Currently, iPhone users should use the iMessage app to send text messages to friends.

This contrasts with Google’s Android operating system, which allows users to set other messaging services, including Messenger, as the default app for sending text messages.

“IPhone users who prefer Messenger over Apple’s iMessage app are not happy because they cannot change this default and should use what Apple wants them to use,” Chudnovsky said.

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