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The latest Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has arrived

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This is not the first time this exact unit has been offered for sale. It appeared at the ‘Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​’Auction’ in 2018, although the author of the article says he is not sure if he actually found a new home at that time.

What’s so special about Veyron Super Sport? For the uninitiated, it already held the record in legal production of the fastest vehicle of all time in 2010, reaching 267,856 miles per hour (431,072 kilometers per hour).

Unlike the Chiron Sport, which reached 304,773 mph (490.484 km/h) in one direction, the Veyron Super Sport did it in two directions, which was verified by the Guinness Book of Records and German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).

The Bugatti Veyron is a very rare supercar. It’s not every day we see one on the road. But among them, the Veyron Super Sport is the exotic of the exotic. With only 48 units already built, you probably won’t get a chance to see one near your local grocery store, or near your garage.

But if you’re part of the one per cent group looking for the rarest of the rares, this vehicle that came on sale at Tom Hartley JNR in the UK could make you very happy. It’s no ordinary Veyron Super Sport – it’s No. 48, the last Veyron Super Sport off the assembly line.

Coming back to the Veyron Super Sport for sale, it wasn’t much driven at just 1,252 mi (2,016 km) as seen in the photos. Your complete service records are included, with the last service performed this year on February 24, 2021. It also comes with a new set of tires from that last service and an extended Bugatti warranty through January 2022.

This is really a rare piece by Bugatti, so if you have the means, this is an opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss. In short, the latest Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is already on sale, and the exotic of exotics is looking for a new owner.

Source: Engine1

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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