The iPhone 12’s processor, the A14, will be the most powerful ever made for smartphones

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Apple has always innovated when it comes to gripping its engineering to create its own processors for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, the company really wants to take this engineering further and at WWDC it has made yet another leap. As shown, the company created the Apple Silicon: The new and super powerful Mac heart. However, just before the introduction of the new iPhone 12, the focus is on the A14.

According to a new report, the iPhone 12’s 5nm A14 chip will be the most powerful processor ever made for a smartphone.

chip a14 iphone12 00

iPhone 12 with 5nm A14 processor

The next generation of Apple iPhones is close to being launched. We hope that Apple will be able to launch the new iPhone in September, as usual. In fact, we already know a few things about them from rumors and reports. Now, it looks like the A14 chipset that will be released in the iPhone 12 series may well be the most powerful and efficient smartphone chip yet produced.

This information will be in some way related to data mentioned during a presentation of results of the company TSMC. In according to a report, TSMC confirmed that the 5nm chips will arrive on smartphones soon. The company said it will contribute to TSMC's revenue in the fall.

Image of likely Apple iPhone 12

Beat competition in performance

This indirectly indicates that the iPhone 12 will receive the processor manufactured in the 5nm process. This will obviously be a big deal for Apple. Qualcomm's latest smartphone chip, the Snapdragon 865+ surpasses the 3GHz barrier, but is built on the 7nm process - the same as on the A13.

With the 5 nm process, TSMC achieves 15% faster performance with 30% less energy consumption compared to the 7nm process. That can translate into the A14 chip inside the iPhone 12 once again taking the podium as the most powerful processor in a smartphone - something that Apple never fails to mention during its launch event.

If that is true, the iPhone 12 will have plenty of extra space for AR and VR technologies, which are areas of importance to Apple. In addition, it can also mean better performances related to the iPhone 12 camera.

It should be noted that the information provided also states that TSMC will introduce the 3nm process in 2022.

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