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The “Files” application will have a new feature!

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The Files application, a Google application, known for allowing Android users to manage their files in an easy way as well as getting free space on their mobile phone, will now receive a new definition. There will be a folder called “Safe Folder” with extra protection (using a PIN).

The user defines a four-digit PIN for the folder in question and from that moment he can save the files he wants in the folder, which in turn is encrypted. From the moment the user changes to another application, the folder blocks and is only accessible through the Files application and by entering the folder PIN.

According to Google, this definition came mainly to help users who have to share devices with other users (according to the company, this situation is common practice for some women in many parts of the world). The new “Safe Folders” definition allows you to store important files, such as identification files.

a aplicacao files vai ter uma nova caracteristica

In this way they are safe from other people’s eyes as well as accidents such as being deleted from their cell phones or being accidentally shared in conversations (yes, it also serves to store photos with more sensitive content that they don’t want to be seen by other people).

However, it is important to bear in mind that as soon as the user changes a file to this safe folder, the file is deleted at its source and only exists within the Files application, so do not delete the application if you are using the option of the safe folder! Also, don’t forget the PIN you put in the folder.

a aplicacao files vai ter uma nova caracteristica 1

Google announces that the beta test will start now (can be seen in versions 1.0.323). The Files application has around 150 million active users per month spread across the world.

Source The Verge

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