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The FBI remotely hacks hundreds of computers to protect it

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In what is believed to be an unprecedented move, the FBI attempted to protect hundreds of computers infected with Hafnium hacks from By penetrating it himself, Using the original hacker tools.

The breach, which affected tens of thousands of Microsoft Exchange Server clients around the world and triggered a full-blown government response from the White House, left a number of backdoors allowing hackers to enter those systems again.

After months of hackers using four previously undiscovered vulnerabilities to attack thousands of networks, the FBI took advantage of this by using the same backdoors to delete them remotely.

The US Department of Justice explains: The FBI performed the removal by issuing an order through the back doors to the server, which was designed to have the server delete only the back doors.

It is possible that the owners of these Microsoft Exchange servers are not yet aware of the FBI’s intervention, and the FBI is serving the world by removing a threat like this.

The Department of Justice says: The ad provides notice to the owners that the FBI has tried to help them, and it does so with the full approval of a Texas court.

While Microsoft has been slow in its initial response, Microsoft Exchange Server clients have had the most a month yet to patch their servers after several important alerts.

And the FBI says: Thousands of systems have been patched by their owners before we begin the process of remotely removing the Hafnium hacking backdoor.

He added: We removed the remaining back doors of the hacking group that could have been used to maintain continuous and unauthorized access to the US networks.

The Justice Ministry said: The process only removed the back doors, but did not correct the vulnerabilities that the hackers exploited.

The statement issued by the Assistant Attorney General from the National Security Department at the Ministry of Justice notes: The court’s permission removal shows the harmful backdoors the ministry’s commitment to obstructing piracy activity using all our legal tools, not just prosecutions.

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