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The debut of the Audi E-Tron GT electric sedan and RS 590 horsepower

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The sporty luxury electric sedan and its brother RS ​​Audi Sport will arrive later this year to challenge the current king of EV, Tesla’s Model S. The Audi RS E-Tron GT (pictured) and the E-Tron GT Quattro join the car manufacturer’s stable electrified clan later this year. and now Audi has just unveiled its new flagship electric vehicle.

In addition, there are two of them: Meet the Audi E-Tron GT Quattro 2021 and its sportier brother, the RS E-Tron GT tuned by Audi Sport. The E-Tron GT’s striking shape is no surprise; we had our first look at the conceptually shaped four-door coupe at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show – damn, we even managed to drive the prototype, says the article’s author.

The production car is remarkably close to that view, with the same muscular shoulders and a slim profile. The electric sedan beats Faraday Future’s Byton K-Byte and FF 91 on the market, taking its place in Audi’s growing ‘fleet’ of electric vehicles – including the SUV E-Tron, the next Q4 E-Tron and its respective Sportback variants – later this year.

The debut of the Audi E Tron GT electric sedan andOf course, the GT will have to face the seemingly unbeatable threat that is the top range of the Tesla Model S, bringing to the challenge the promise of more luxurious details and a ridiculously fast loading. The E-Tron GT formula starts with a 92 kWh battery, of which 85 kWh is usable (the rest is kept in reserve to preserve longevity).

The battery is mostly flat, making up the floor of the car, except for a pair of what Audi calls “walking garages”, two small corners behind the driver’s seat that improve the space for the legs of the rear passengers and, as a result, the head space as well.

Audi estimates that the E-Tron GT will travel up to 238 miles (383 km), per load, based on the US EPA cycle, while the RS E-Tron GT will travel 232 miles (373 km). EPA estimates are not yet available, but we bet they will be close to Audi estimates.

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If we look closely, we will see that the E-Tron GT has loading doors on both front fenders, each with a door
SAE J1772 standard AC capable of charging 11 kW at home or public chargers (Audi will add an option for charging 22 kW sometime after launch).

The passenger side, however, is also the basis of a standard CCS DC fast-charging port that can accept up to 270 kW at high stations
speed like these offered by Ionity in Europe or Electrify America in the USA.

Ideally, the E-Tron GT can add up to 62 miles (100 km) in just 5 minutes of charging over this connection, and fast charging from 5% to 80% in less than 23 minutes. For this, this electric grand tourer makes use of active cooling before and during charging to balance the speed and health of the battery. The standard quattro all-wheel-drive electric motor on the E-Tron GT has two engines.

At the front is a 175 kW unit and a 320 kW engine that powers the rear wheels. The rear engine is particularly interesting, as it connects to the wheels via a two-speed transmission – a rarity among electric cars. This allows Audi to use a short gear ratio for starting control and sport driving, or a higher gear for more efficient driving on a high-speed cruise.

1613037544 487 The debut of the Audi E Tron GT electric sedan and

The full power can be shifted to the front or rear engine under certain conditions – for example, when going over a piece of ice, but mostly mixing the two for a total net production of 350 kW – about 469 hp and 465 feet of torque.

However, for short bursts of power – such as during start-up control – the output can be temporarily increased to a total of 390 kW (523 hp), allowing a sprint of 0-62 mph (100 km / h) from just 4.1 seconds. The Audi Sport-tuned RS E-Tron GT features a more powerful rear engine and improved acceleration.

The higher-performance RS E-Tron GT features the same front engine, but upgrades to a more powerful 335 kW rear rear engine and a 440 kW upper system output – about 590 horsepower and 612 feet of torque. Its maximum power is also greater, at 475 kW (637 hp). The RS also has a standard rear differential lock axle – optional on the base model – to increase rear wheel traction.

Source: CNet

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