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The Dacia Bigster is a next-generation SUV to be launched by 2025

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O Bigster Concept seems to be the new approach of Dacia for electric mobility. The Renault Group manufacturer has been making efforts to improve its quality within the market segmentation, while maintaining the competitive price that makes it known. This new car is part of the plan to reach the C segment, as stated Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia.

The model is one of three planned to launch by 2025, in addition to the new Sandero, Logan and Electric Spring that will be launched later this year. Based on CMF-B platform – built from scratch by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance – and with hybrid engines and even LPG. This midsize SUV is budgeted and fitted in the range above the Dacia Duster, which is already considered a B segment.

The vehicle was shown during the presentation of Renault’s new strategic plan – Renaulution – which took place yesterday in a digital presentation, setting goals for the future of the French construction company, showing the new plans for smart and sustainable mobility, new models of the main brands, the new image of the Alpine car for the 2021 championship, among many other things, including the Dacia Bigster.

The Dacia Bigster is a next generation SUV to be launched

O Bigster da Dacia has 4.6 meters in length, featuring a bold design, maintaining some of the characteristic traits Romanian manufacturer but a new logo to be adopted (more beautiful, by the way). The model has bumpers made from recycled plastic and many others advantages of segment C (in terms of quality) and also in terms of sustainability. This was “[…] Dacia’s way of making the C segment accessible by providing a larger, more capable vehicle at a cost than buyers expect from a segment below, ”he says. Denis Le Vot.

O responsible by the department design of Dacia, Alejandro Romanos refers that “[…] The Dacia Bigster Concept summarizes the manufacturer’s evolution. Essential, with an interesting touch and outdoor spirit. This proves that being accessible does not preclude attractiveness. At least at Dacia, we believe so, and this vehicle is proof ”. This vehicle also means closer Dacia closer to the Russian manufacturer, Lada that belongs to Renault Group.

The Dacia Bigster is a next generation SUV to be launched

Dacia will remain Dacia, always offering a reliable, authentic and cost-effective proposal for smart buyers“, Says the CEO of Dacia in an attempt to“ reassure ”consumers who have already become accustomed to the presence of this manufacturer in the market and once the proximity with the Russian Lada has expanded. The two brands, Dacia and Lada, are focused on different markets, with no plans yet announced for the Portuguese market (the first one that should arrive sooner or later with new models), but with Renault’s confidence in expanding to Brazil.

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