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The CD Projekt RED and Cyberpunk 2077 controversy

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The great controversy surrounding the production company CD Projekt RED and its most recent game, Cyberpunk 2077, has been a major topic of conversation in the video game industry.

Cyberpunk 2077 was promised to the public as the most ambitious game to date, with numerous innovations in terms of mechanics, a storyline built according to the player, a fluid system of skills and adaptable to the player, among others. However, the launch proved disastrous for the Polish company, not only with the numerous bugs present but also with the lack of promises kept.

According to several company officials, management was warned several times that the game was not close to being completed but ended up ignoring such warnings, quite possibly due to public pressure. With this, the “high ranks” came to apologize not only to the public but also to all employees involved in the big project. With this apology, players were also offered the possibility to receive a refund of the game for a limited time.

a controversia da cd projekt red e cyberpunk 2077

Players also complained about the huge lack of optimization, especially on eighth generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) where the game contained a huge number of crashes at launch. However, CDPR has already launched two patches to try to resolve the situation, the second being patch received by the consoles was a staggering 17 GB of bug fixes.

Despite the bug resolutions already delivered and others that are already scheduled for 2021, Sony decided to remove the game from its online store (Playstation Store) on both PS4 and PS5, offering refunds of the digital version to players who so wish .

Due to all the problems that have been created, the Polish company has dropped 22% in the stock market and ended up losing almost 1.5 billion Euros. But it seems that this decline has not happened since the launch of the game as you think, since its actions have been going down since 4 December beginning the descent after the launch.

At the moment, the future for CD Projekt RED is very uncertain. Currently the priority of the Polish company should be to solve the greatest number of existing bugs while rebuilding the trust that the fans placed after the conclusion of the acclaimed saga The Witcher.

Source: Engadget

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