The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021

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The weather is no longer in a stable condition as it was before, but has become very volatile like many other things, so we have provided some weather applications that help you know the weather conditions in detail and know the dates and places of rain, as well as the degree of humidity and many other details.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions


One of the best weather apps on the Play Store and it got a great rating and many positive comments, through which you can track the weather map for today and for several days to come, which helps you plan perfectly for your week in addition to the ability to see the weather on the front of the phone screen as a widget

You will also know some information about wind speed, humidity, ultraviolet rays, hurricanes and other weather fluctuations, in addition to alerts in case of bad weather and places where this weather is located. It supports 25 languages ​​and is free of charge.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021

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One of the great weather applications that depends on a wonderful and distinctive design in addition to the MinuteCast feature, which helps you predict the weather with immediate details (minute by minute) for the next two hours, making you better plan your day, as well as live weather radar, and you can control the type of weather alerts that get Them by customizing notifications.

The application is great for users of smart watches that run on the Android system, and the application provides you with all the necessary information about weather, wind, humidity, thoughts and many more.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021


If you are an iPhone user, you can now get the wonderful weather application, the Weatherbug, which is a free application and contains 18 different weather maps, and the application also helps you to know how the weather will affect your trips, exercises, sensitivity, chronic pain in addition to traffic in addition to the radiation indicator Ultraviolet, wind movement, humidity, and quick alerts in the event of storms and rapid weather fluctuations, and you can know the weather for ten consecutive days and it is free.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021

The Weather Channel

One of the most popular weather apps on the App Store, although its interface is simple, but it offers daily forecasts, every hour and 15 days, through which you can track storms and the rainy season and get rain alerts on your home screen.

The application contains the Feels Like feature to help you choose what to wear. Through the application, you can obtain sufficient information about winds, humidity and all weather patterns using direct radar, and you can discover weather-related road conditions and videos of weather forecasts in your area.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021

Yahoo Weather

The application comes with a wonderful and simple design, which makes its use simple and easy, through which you can know the dates of sunrise and sunset, all basic weather information and weather alerts, and the application contains more than 20 cities and also allows you to browse interactive maps such as radar, satellites and Heat and snowfall, and it’s free.

The best weather apps for tracking weather conditions 2021


These were the best weather apps that help you track the weather, first, Powell, and they all support the “Widgets” feature if you want to install them on the screen of your phone, and some of them support the smartwatch, whether for iPhone or for Android, and all of them are free, but they contain ads for their presentation. The service also contains elements that can be purchased and the ability to delete ads in a paid way.

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