The best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]

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In this topic we offer you a number of useful applications for Android that may take you away from the world of entertainment social networking and move you to benefit from the smartphone in a more practical way and save you some effort and time in your life in general, and we will work to update the list constantly so that you can achieve the maximum Possible benefit from Android.

Best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]

The best useful applications for Android


At the beginning of the list comes this famous application as it allows you to link between your computer and your Android phone, through which you can display phone notifications on the computer while you are working, in addition to the ability to play games and browse applications from the computer.

It is also possible to transfer all types of files between both devices remotely in addition to the feature of tracking your device, issuing a lock request for Android or wiping all data and files on the phone after enabling Find Phone, in addition to the feature of making calls through the computer using the headphone or bluetooth headset.

Best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]

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The most wonderful application that works to organize your financial life as well as organize your monthly budget and how to manage it. The application primarily works to provide advice about the budget to help you save to achieve your goals by tracking your expenditures and purchases accurately.

The application also helps you set a monthly spending limit, and in the event that it is close to exceeding it, it alerts you, you can also add your bank transactions from within the information on the application to help you determine your financial position and all your buying and saving transactions in one place.

The best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]


It appeared as a forum for participation, discussion, and obtaining information and advice on several topics, and now it is available on Android as an application through which it is possible to obtain advice, educational programs and information about basically anything.

You can get answers to questions that you cannot ask in your community with the names of uncommon users so that no one can find you on the application and you may find some discussions that you are interested in and some others you can simply not pay attention to, but in general you can benefit greatly through one of the best Useful applications for Android.

The best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]


Among the useful applications for Android that make you relax a little and keep away from pressures is the wonderful application of Colorfy, through which you can quietly color many drawings, and the game comes in the form of a drawing book with many designs to choose from and you will find many wonderful drawings with a pallet of colors You can test your taste in adding wonderful touches to bring out the graphics in a delightful way, and it is a free application.

The best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]


The best scanner application for papers and files on Android, including receipts, notes, bills, anything written on a whiteboard, business cards, certificates and many other paper documents, and you can modify as you like in the image to improve the quality of scanning through smart cutting Or automatic optimization.

You can also share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends on social networking sites and set a passcode to display important documents in addition to the feature of sharing images via e-mail, which makes it one of the useful applications for Android.

The best useful applications for Android 2021 [تطبيقات عمليه #1]

These were the best useful Android applications that you can benefit from greatly in many aspects, which makes us able to make the most of the smartphone and we hope you like it.

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