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The best tools for making an electronic lottery via Twitter and determining the winner

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Using an electronic lottery via Twitter is one of the best ways to increase interaction on Twitter and get more followers, as it gives gifts to its winners.

The Twitter platform has a lot of users around the world, because it offers a different and unique experience from the rest of the social media platforms, which means that it has a lot of companies and influencers.

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And it becomes difficult for large companies or large accounts when it comes to electronic competitions and drawing a lottery among the winners, and this is due to the volume of participation in the competition, which makes manual selection difficult and time-consuming.

Accordingly, it is preferable to rely on one of the tools that allows you to choose the winner automatically through the electronic lottery.

Here are the best and reliable tools for conducting an electronic lottery and choosing a winner.

This tool offers you an opportunity to withdraw the winner from an electronic lottery, with ease and through the click of a button. What you have to do is to link the tool to the competition account via Twitter and then enter the competition link.

After that, you determine the number of winners, the tool presents you the winners based on the number you entered, and you can re-draw by pressing the ReDraw button to reselect.

This tool allows you to choose the winner of an online lottery on various platforms, not just Twitter. It also provides a set of distinctive ways to announce the winner.

The tool can produce a certificate in the name of the winner and announce the winner through a special link sent to all participants in the competition.

The tool can email the winner to receive his prize, and it also works with Instagram as it uses the same idea as Twitter.

The tool gives you two ways to choose the winner of the Twitter online lottery:

  • Using a pre-supplied list
  • Through the Retweet feature, where the tool is provided with the link to the tweet.

And here the condition of the contest should be to retweet the contest tweet because the tool will not consider any other tweet.

The advantage of the tool is that you do not need to connect your Twitter account to it, and this makes it safe and preferred by companies as well.

This Arabic language service comes from the well-known WebFun company, so it deserves to be supported and mentioned on our list today.

The tool can randomly choose the winner of the Twitter lottery by comparing hashtags or responses to a specific tweet. The tool shows you the posts that meet the requirements and you will be entered into the draw.

After that, click on the winner selection button to see the result directly. You can choose more than one winner via the tool easily.

The tool has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. In front of you, you will find all the steps explained in Arabic, so you will not need any help in using it.

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