The best smart technologies of 2021

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The best smart technologies for 2021 are sought by technology lovers and followers from all over the world, the dream of a smart future did not stop since technology began to appear and develop, but it remained frustrating for those who expected that the year 2000 would come with flying homes, and a robot in every home, but these technologies The new ones will excite their passion, and push them to get excited again towards the technological future.

The best smart technologies of 2021

4 of the best smart technologies of 2021 2
The best smart technologies of 2021

Although most of the efforts of science during the year 2021 focused on finding solutions to the problem of the fierce Corona virus, but the interest in technology and its development remained, and 2021 witnessed the emergence of new technologies with a great development in previously existing technologies for the better, below we talk in detail about the best smart technologies For 2021, which will definitely impress you with the way it works.

Roomba . self-propelled vacuum cleaner

4 of the best smart technologies of 2021 3
One of the best smart technologies of 2021

Using technology to clean is the dream of every tired housewife who is tired of repeating soldiers on a daily basis, and the robot that cleans the house alone remains the ultimate hope for each of them. The artificial intelligence vacuum cleaner from iRobot appeared a while ago, but the new development in it will make it possible to suffice Her work alone without the need for the intervention of the housewife.

The new vacuum cleaner bears the name Roomba s9, and practical experiments have proven its ability to reach places that an ordinary vacuum cannot easily reach, such as narrow corners, and this vacuum cleaner is characterized by self-work, great suction power and is connected to Wi-Fi, and its mode of operation depends on the presence of a triple remote sensor Dimensions are used to monitor the places where there is dust, dirt and dirt without requiring human guidance to those areas.

The disadvantage of this vacuum cleaner, which we can call a cleaning robot, is its high price, but like any new technology, its price is likely to decrease with the expansion of its production.

Philips smart toothbrush

4 of the best smart technologies of 2021 4
Philips toothbrush is a new technology development, one of the best smart technologies for 2021

The smart toothbrush is another sci-fi dream made by Philips, as it is considered among the best smart technologies of 2021.

We all clean our teeth on a daily basis, but there are many places that are difficult to reach with a regular brush, and they are unable to completely clean teeth filled with tartar and the like, which requires an expensive cleaning session at the specialized dentist.

This Philips brush will save you on a cleaning session and give you a smart diamond clean so your teeth will look visibly sparkling, better than any other toothpaste or brush.

New Samsung Smart Screen

4 of the best smart technologies of 2021 5
samsung s7 screen

Samsung smart screens have occupied a great place in the recent period, and the M7 smart screens are a new link in the chain of this development, and they provide the advantages of both computers and smart TVs, as they can be connected to the laptop through a USB-C cable, which will act as a power cable and a cable for the monitor at the same time.

The new screen is also equipped with a Wi-Fi feature that enables you to mix what you want on it by choosing it from your smartphone.

The screen is equipped with the Smart Hub program, which allows you to access the Internet directly, and it has all the additions of other screens such as the remote control, and the built-in speakers.

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Ink writing tablet!

4 of the best smart technologies of 2021 6
The notebook is a technology development in 2021

Despite all this development and the pursuit of it, but writing with a hand pen remains its magic. If you want to combine the use of technology and return to writing in ink again, you have signed the appropriate invention (reMarkable 2 e-ink tablet)).

This type of tablet is considered quite expensive, reaching about $600 in Canadian currency without taking into account the price of the accompanying pen, and it is one of the best smart technologies for 2021 for writing enthusiasts and journalists. From recording everything you want quickly and easily.

These were four of the best smart technologies for the year 2021, which are expected to decrease in cost with the increase in their presence on the scene and the increase in demand for them, and we anticipate more developments on them in the next few years.

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