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The best global YouTube channels to follow technology news

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Many content creators on YouTube are interested in publishing technology news, so there are many channels that are interested in this content.

But the quality of the content varies between YouTube channels interested in publishing technology news, and this is due to the different information makers of the content and their different tendencies and interests.

But there are a bunch of channels that any tech lover should follow, as they spread tech news better than others.

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Therefore, we present to you a group of content creators who are technical on YouTube, and although their interests differ greatly, they cover all areas of technology very adequately.

The best global YouTube channels to follow technology news

We cannot talk about technical channels on YouTube without mentioning Marques Brownlee, who is one of the most important content makers on YouTube in general.

Although MKBHD is not the oldest technical content creator on YouTube, it has helped develop the content industry in a way.

It offers content related to all aspects of technology such as: mobile phones, personal computers and electric cars.

MKBHD is a special case on YouTube, as he managed to turn his channel and his hobby into a startup that is interested in creating content and getting a lot of people talking about it.

MKBHD is characterized by its impartiality, it does not compliment any company at the expense of the consumer, and most importantly, it provides interesting visual content of high quality.

MKBHD has more than 10 million subscribers to his channel.

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Linus Sebastein is one of the oldest content creators in the world and owns a large company with more than one channel.

Linus is primarily interested in providing analytical content, and that means a set of comparisons between different products as well as reviews of these different products and technical services.

So if you’re interested in PC hardware, Linus is your best friend in PC hardware and gaming comparisons.

Linus first appeared as a technology presenter on the Canadian computer hardware retailer NCIX’s channel.

Linus owns Techlinked as well as Techquickie and ShortCircuit, all of which are interested in tech but in different ways.

Linus channels therefore cover all aspects of technology news in general.

Linus has more than 13 million subscribers on his main channel.

1622997785 698 The best global YouTube channels to follow technology news

This channel follows the well-known website that is interested in Android phones, and it presents what is new regarding the Android system and its phones.

The channel includes a variety of presenters, and it offers a variety of tips, reviews and comparisons between phones.

Technology news

Luke is interested in providing content about Apple’s integrated system, and this includes all types of Apple computers, iPhones, and iPads.

Luke is able to communicate information clearly and quickly, and he gives advice on buying the best Apple devices at the lowest prices.

Technology news

This channel provides you with fast and focused information with a simple method of photography, and this is because Dave is generally a lover of simplicity in his life.

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Dave2D provides reviews for various tech devices released, but instead of providing reviews for all devices, it picks its reviews strictly for premium devices.

Dave2D also gives his opinion on important technology news emerging on the scene.

Skillup Technology News Channel

Skillup is one of the most popular content creators in the gaming world, with over 708,000 subscribers on his channel.

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Skillup offers content about gaming news, game reviews and also tips for getting to certain places and beating the games.

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