The best free SEO tools 2021

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Know now about the best free SEO tools that help you develop the content of your site and improve the search traffic on it in addition to the possibility of faster access to users who are looking for information related to the content that you write, and below we will offer some free tools and in another topic we will Other paid tools offer.

The best free SEO tools 2021

The best free SEO tools

SEO Spider

One of the best free SEO tools that is used to conduct searches on all pages of your site to check for broken pages so that your visitors can avoid the 404 error problem in addition to extracting detailed and useful data that includes missing meta tags, links within each page, missing addresses, etc. And it is free with the possibility of getting a paid version.

The best free SEO tools 2021


This add-on can discover weaknesses that hinder search engine optimization and display detailed information about the site in terms of its prevalence on social media sites and its ranking when searching through Alexa and the Google index, as well as information about the keywords used and the number of times they appear On the web sites, as well as information about the site’s visitors, their country, traffic on the site, and many other information.

The best free SEO tools 2021

Google AdWords keyword planner

One of the best free SEO tools is the Keyword Planner and it helps you with a lot of information about the number of times you search for certain words, as well as getting ideas or similarities for the keyword and knowledge of competitive words and thus you can choose the keywords accurately and carefully in order to ensure the improvement of engines Research towards your site and attract more visitors around your site, but you must also take into account that the numbers provided are approximate, not accurate numbers.

The best free SEO tools 2021

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The tool provides many information about the site and the “Link Profile” cookie for search engine optimization, and that information is such as the contents of the web page title tag, alt text, identification robots, and other valuable information. The tool enters into the seo metrics while browsing Get detailed information according to the search engine such as country and city, know the keywords that users are searching for, and search for specific phrases.

The best free SEO tools 2021

One of the best free SEO tools on this list, through which you know the impact of Google updates on the number of visitors to your site, in addition to also that it allows you to see detailed information for each specific period of time and works on the comparison between one page and another page within your site and between words and some of them and also based By displaying full details of the previous arrangement of your website, you can, through the tool, find out the reason for the error that led to the decrease in the page ranking and treat it immediately.

The best free SEO tools 2021

Google Analytics

One of the great free tools provided by Google that enables you to analyze website traffic, users, bounce rates, conversions to goals, number of visitors in real time, page load speed and time spent on the site, and through which you also know the efforts you are making. For search engine optimization pays off or not, when you integrate it with Google Search Console, you get other useful information such as the keywords people use to find your site, click-through rate, and many other information.

The best free SEO tools 2021

These were the best free SEO tools that you can benefit from in improving search engines, and we will explain some of the best paid SEO tools later.

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