The best free Android applications 2021

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You can now see the list of the best new free Android applications that contain many applications that you will notice, some of them for the first time and the other, you may have heard about it or already use it, as we know that the Play Store contains thousands of wonderful applications, including free and some of them paid, but it is sought Always the developers to make many applications free with ads so that most users can try them without restrictions, and below we will show some of these applications.

The best free Android applications

Google Keep

We will start that list with one of the distinguished applications from Google, which is google keep, which is an important application if you do many tasks and are afraid to forget anything, through the application you record all notes and write them and format them in a way that ensures you remember them.

And you can write anything on your mind on the application, whether on the computer or through your smartphone, and by sync up your account on the computer and the phone, you will find everything that you have written down and you can also set reminders on the notes based on the time and location so that you do not miss Important things and many features that make it one of the best free Android apps.

The best free Android applications

50000 Free eBooks

Among the best free Android apps on the Play Store, it allows you to read thousands of novels and books in English or in other languages, and you can listen to read books as well instead of reading them.

The application contains thousands of books, classic novels, horror, romance, drama, crime, and thousands of other wonderful novels. You can also see the best books and famous authors in separate sections, and each book is linked to the corresponding audiobook if it is available on the application and it is free.

The best free Android apps on the Play Store


The application is more than wonderful in many ways for editing and editing photos and videos, as well as it contains many filters, a GIF recorder, panorama, and other features such as Planet mode, which wraps images into a ball-like shape.

The application also contains a wonderful meme editor to modify images in a humorous way with a large collection of high-quality stickers in addition to a large group of tools used to modify images such as cropping, brightness, drawing tool, and a video editor to add effects and cut video, which is free and contains Other items paid.

The best free Android apps on the Play Store

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It comes within the list of the best free Android applications on the Play Store, as it is considered a manager to save your passwords on any site so that you do not forget them. The application can store your passwords and personal information safely and the data is encrypted with the degree of military encryption AES-256.

The application can also securely store information such as credit card numbers in the encrypted vault, and the application can automatically fill in passwords on your behalf while visiting websites and applications, so you will not need to remember them again, you only have to remember your master password on the LastPass application, which is free. .

The best free Android apps on the Play Store


One of the best free and wonderful Android applications that is dedicated to arithmetic operations that cannot be performed on a classic calculator. The application helps you to solve arithmetic equations in trigonometry, statistics and combinations.

In addition to simple math operations, the application also supports the scientific calculator as exponents, roots, absolute value, logarithms, approximations, percentages, and many other features. You do not need the Internet to work and it is a free application.

The best free Android apps on the Play Store

This was a list of the best free Android apps for the year 2021, and we will update it later with more great free apps for Android.

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