The best free and open source iPhone apps 2021

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IPhone phones are characterized by excellent security and strong protection against viruses and malware, but on the other hand the iOS system that runs iPhones is a closed system and this may make installing many applications not possible, but fortunately there are many free open source applications available on the App Store. These applications are very useful as you can use them to increase your productivity as they provide you with privacy and security, and here are the most important free and open source iPhone applications for iPhone that you can download for free.

Free iPhone applications

We start the list with this very distinctive application, which is considered one of the best free iPhone applications, which is a chat and conversation application, as it is considered one of the most important competitors to WhatsApp, Telegram and other applications, and the most important characteristic of this application is the great security and the encryption of messages completely, as the application does not receive any Data about you except your phone number in order to register an account, which is why users consider it safer than other chat applications, and through this application you get many chat features available in the other application.

Free iPhone applications

There are thousands of applications on smartphones, and we find every application that requests an account registration, which means that you will have a lot of passwords that must be saved, but in reality this is not logical at all, especially since you will not need this data much, and for this it may It is a good idea to use a password saver for you and this will definitely solve the forgotten password problem completely.

There are many applications for saving and managing passwords on the iPhone, but when it comes to such sensitive data, it is necessary to choose a completely safe application, as any penetration of this application will put you in an unenviable situation. But fortunately, the Bitwarden application is completely safe and fully encrypted, through the encryption standard AES-256, and it is also good that this application is very easy to use, and you can download the application for free, but it offers some additional paid features, however the free version is completely sufficient. This application is considered among the best free iPhone applications 2021.

Best free and open source iPhone apps 20211

Internet browsers are among the most popular programs and applications that receive wide attention from users, as they are the means to access the Internet and browse different sites, and in this category we find dozens of different browsers, each of which offers different advantages, but if you are looking for security and privacy, you will not find Better than the very featured browser Mozilla Firefox, and in fact it is a completely redundant app as it is widely popular among users.

Firefox allows you to fully control your privacy through the features and features that the application provides you, even in the last update of the browser, the HTTPS-Only feature was added, which would enhance the privacy and security of the browser.

Best Free and Open Source iPhone Applications 2021 2

In addition to chatting applications and internet browsers, e-mail applications are one of the basics for users these days, as emails have become very important, especially for work-related correspondence etc., and Tutanota is one of the free iPhone applications and the best e-mail applications that you can rely on Where the application places great emphasis on the security and privacy of users, by using additional encryption protocols that are very strong, unlike some other applications.

One of the most important features of the application is its ease of use due to the simple and organized interface of the application, and in addition to that you can create free mail and get storage capacity of up to 1 GB for free, and although this may be somewhat low, it remains very suitable for use. You can also get additional space according to the plans available in the application.

Implementation VLC

Best free and open source iPhone apps 2021 3

VLC is a very well-known and famous brand in the world of programs and applications, as it is considered one of the best media playback applications, and the most important thing that distinguishes this application is that it is able to play audio files and video clips, regardless of the format, format, or quality of the file, where the application developers aim to Make all types of media playable with just one program.

Through the application, you can play the files on your phone with many and varied features, such as speed control and background play, either for audio or for videos, in addition to the ability to control the equalizer settings and much more, and most important of all is that it is a completely free application even without ads or Internal purchases and you can download the app from the top.

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