The best features of Android 12, the upcoming operating system from Google

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Google recently announced the first beta version of Android 12 during the Google I/O 2021 conference, and the new operating system brings with it many features, including a new theme system called Material You, as well as a renewal of many user interface elements and other features. The article reviews the best features of Android 12, the new operating system coming from Google.

By launching the beta version of the operating system, we have the opportunity to try out new features, but the latest version will undoubtedly have more features, so the beta version gives us a good idea of ​​what the latest version of Android 12 will look like, and here are the best features of Android 12 and note that only those features are available In beta version and no features that were announced during the conference.

What are the best features of Android 12?

New lock screen with always-on

Best Features of Android 12

That might not be the biggest feature but in fact it can be very useful, as the new lock screen with always-on display puts the clock in the middle when you don’t have notifications making it easy to see in less than a second.

And when you have notifications the watch will still be big but like in Android 11 it will show small sized icons for your notifications letting you know if your notifications need your attention.

Quick access to all settings

Best Features of Android 12

The quick access feature is one of the best features of Android 12 where all the buttons and keys are larger which makes tapping them much easier, when you turn the quick settings on and off you can switch between them in a jiffy and that means less information appears on the screen but that will not be a hindrance as long as you are good at Choose your favorite quick settings.

Integrated one-handed mode

Best Features of Android 12 The Next Operating System From Google 1

Many Android manufacturers have introduced one-handed modes in their smartphones but now there is a built-in one-handed mode inside the system that enables you to turn off access to the feature by default, however you can turn it on by opening the Settings app, going to System, then Gestures, and then choosing One-handed mode.

You can also toggle between the on and off mode and after that you can access the mode with one hand by swiping down at the bottom of the screen, and there are settings to automatically exit the mode with one hand when closing applications with a time period as well.

Animation update

The best features of Android 12, the upcoming operating system from Google 2

Animation update is one of the best features of Android 12 where the renewed animation starts at every moment from the moment of unlocking the phone lock screen to the color gradient by just pressing the button or swiping, there are new animations that will appear in the quick settings that give an aesthetic touch to the phone while making the user interface more responsive.

Instant access to a personal assistant

The best features of Android 12, the upcoming operating system from Google 3

Google has provided many features in the Android 12 operating system, one of the most important of these features is the ability to quickly and immediately access the Google Personal Assistant by pressing the play button, which basically replaces the Power Menu menu in Android 12, which earlier provided quick access to Google Pay and Google Home smart home controls.

And those controls will be moved to the quick settings menu and although this feature is not present in the current beta version but the beta version provides the option to access the Google Assistant by pressing the power button and it works effectively, similar to Google Assistant Apple’s Siri Assistant.

Conversational tools

Google provides a number of features in its new operating system, and one of the best features of Android 12 are new and distinctive tools for conversations that allow highlighting recent messages and missed calls, and the size of those tools is large enough to accommodate messages in one box.

Control your privacy settings

Google seeks to provide a great deal of privacy to its users, and in the Android operating system 12 will be provided settings that allow you to disable the camera as well as disable the microphone mute in addition to preventing access to geographical location by disabling all sensors.

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