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The best eSports games in 2021

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Becoming an athlete and winning world championships, popularity and fame seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Especially for those who don’t like physical activities so much. However, in today’s world, this is possible.

As the best eSports games grow in popularity, so do the possibilities. And the best thing is that most eSports athletes started out in simple games and that everyone has access, like Fortnite and League of Legends.

The first step? Know where to start, of course! This is where the need to know the main eSports games comes in today.

With the help of the author Luiza Lima Correia, a sports specialist on here, we’ll bring you some of the most popular titles so you’ll know where to start.

The best eSports games in 2021

Super Smash Bros.

Every Nintendo fan knows about Smash Bros. Even casual gamers know and respect the esteemed franchise. What makes it so popular? Smash Bros. combines characters from your favorite video game franchises in a total fight to the death.

Choose from over 75 characters and get ready for epic fights, such as:

  1. Mario vs. Zelda
  2. Pikachu vs. Pacman
  3. Sonic vs. Joker

There are tons of different attacks and finishers that make each match unique.

That said, not all Smash Bros. titles. were created equal, especially when it comes to the competitive landscape. In particular, two versions stand out from the crowd: Melee and Ultimate.

Smash Melee is the GameCube version of the game, which still attracts a considerable following due to its hardcore mechanics. Smash Ultimate is the latest version of the Switch, and its regular updates and DLCs make it ideal for competitions.

Unfortunately the competitions are not yet fully official, so the prizes are small. But it is already a great start.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Six Invitational 2020 has just ended. First, an American team called Spacestation Gaming took home $ 1 million in cash. Not bad for a day at work.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that follows the typical team deathmatch format – with some unique twists. Depending on the mode, Six Siege has several objectives, ranging from saving hostages to defusing bombs.

One thing, however, never changes: teamwork.

If you want to play well and have a chance to win prizes of around $ 11 million, you need to stand firm with your team and play with them.

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty – the game that never ends. Every time there is a new CoD available to play and to please fans.

The new CoD, Modern Warfare (yes, again) features several exciting new mechanics not seen in previous iterations. There is a greater emphasis on the physical environment and map exploration, and developers have blurred the boundaries between Campaign and Multiplayer modes.

And that’s not even the best part! Activision will soon launch a new and exciting Battle Royale mode called Warzone! It is rumored to have the same mechanics of killing or dying on a brand new map (complete with a variety of new dangers, of course).

Since the introduction of the first game in 2003, Call of Duty tournaments have paid more than

$ 29 million in prizes. In addition to being very popular also at bookmakers (use the bodog promotional code to bet on Call of Duty).

League of Legends

The great success of Riot Games, League of Legends, has been on the market for 10 years and continues to strengthen. In addition to leading the Twitch viewing charts for several consecutive years, it is consistently ranked as one of the most popular eSports games on the market.

League of Legends is a top-down fantasy-inspired MOBA or online multiplayer battle arena. At the start of each match, players select their characters, choose a battle route and the countdown begins! The goal? Each team must cross the map and destroy the enemy’s Nexus before they destroy yours.

Eliminate opposing towers and minions as you go, and always keep an eye on the tall grass – you never know where the danger lurks. You will need inspired maneuvers and high-level tactics if you hope to succeed.

Although there are other MOBA games, LoL is certainly the most popular. In addition, this is where many professional eSports athletes started.

Overall, League of Legends is one of the best games PC eSports for competitive thrill seekers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Widely regarded as one of the best FPS games ever made, CS: GO ranks first on our list of the best eSports games.

Download the game through Steam Launcher, join a game and choose your side: terrorist or counter-terrorist. Then, shoot at the opposing team. Depending on the game mode, this can include IRL-inspired deathmatch scenarios complete with friendly fire or intense bomb disarmament situations.

What makes CS: GO so competitive? Well, when you die, you’ll be gone until the end of the game! This creates opportunities for individual players to achieve some astonishing 1 x 2 wins (or more). In other words, the one who stays until the end wins everything in one match.

These high-risk scenarios combine with the classic CS: ​​GO FPS game to make tournament play a sensational thrill. Even for the viewer, it is always a great program. CS: GO’s unpredictable gameplay may be the reason why so many of today’s top athletes – including Shroud and Summit1g – started out in the game.

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