The best educational games apps for kids are 4

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The best educational games applications for children are sought by many parents these days, as most of the children of this generation started using the mobile phone at an early age, and spend long times watching visual content or using games available through the many electronic stores, so the parents try to take advantage of Of the times their children spend on mobile phones in useful applications, we show 5 of the most important in this article.

Best educational games apps for kids

Not all electronic applications are harmful to children. The benefit of these applications depends on determining the times they spend using phones, and on the quality of the programs themselves. There are many programs that teach children science, prepare them for school and develop their intelligence as well.

Algorithm City game

4 of the best educational game apps for kids 1
Best educational games apps for kids City of Algorithms

One of the most powerful and best educational game applications for children and is fun at the same time by teaching the child the basics of programming through a game based on the characters of animals familiar to the child and close to his heart such as chickens, angry birds and also cute rabbits.

The game includes a number of levels, each of which teaches a stage of programming and learns the most important concepts of encryption, through entertaining stages based on collecting gold, the game has 50 levels divided into four chapters, the first chapter of which is the easiest and teaches the principles of encryption, and the difficulty increases in each chapter .

The game does not need devices with a large storage space, and is available for Android phones, it can be downloaded from the Google Store from here

Application Let’s Learn, Education and Fun

An application that has an excellent rating on Google Play, qualifies children for preschoolers, by teaching them everything they can learn in the nursery. The application is very suitable for parents who do not want to risk taking their children out to learn in light of the spread of the Corona virus, the child can learn letters, words, Arabic and English numbers In addition to animal sounds, in addition to arithmetic operations.

The application is available on the Google Play Store for Android phones completely free of charge, has a good rating, and the number of its downloads exceeds 10,000 downloads, and you can download it for your child from here

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Play and learn science app

4 of the best educational game apps for kids 2
Best educational games apps for kids

It is the ideal application for those who want to introduce their children to science in a simplified way, and instill in them their love. This application contains interesting games and puzzles that depend on the use of science in their solution, and it is among the best applications of educational games for children

The application shows children how science is useful, and is used to solve any problem around us, the program talks about physics, environment, life and earth, and the program also offers some nice scientific experiments that can be performed at home with parents, and also allows receiving the opinions of parents about some things in the application .

What is amazing about the program is that it also contains educational activities suitable for children under the age of 5, and those activities were selected based on real scientific experiences with children of approximately the same age, this application can be downloaded for Android users from here The program is also available for iPhone users from here.

Duolingo app to learn English or another language for free

4 of the best educational game apps for kids 3
Best educational games apps for kids

Learning languages ​​is a special skill that every person is born with. There are people who are able to learn languages ​​very quickly, and these abilities begin to appear from childhood, and learning a new language is also easier the younger the person is, so it is easy in children.

If you want to teach your child a new language at home easily, and without paying any expenses, this is the appropriate application, which can be downloaded for Android systems from here and for iOS systems from here

You can try all the best educational games apps for kids and that also helps you determine your child’s tendencies and abilities, is he smarter at learning languages, science, or good at algorithms? Accordingly, this aspect of his intelligence can be developed and developed early.

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