The best crossword games for Android 2021

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There is a large category among smartphone users who do not prefer action and fighting games or games that contain a lot of movement, and in return they prefer quiet games or mind games, and this category of users will be very suitable crossword games for them as these games provide a distinct experience And an entertaining way to spend time with some mental exercise and learn new things, and these games have spread widely on the Play Store and have become very popular among Android users because they are considered very fun and here are the best crossword games for Android 2021.

The best crossword games for Android 2021

The idea of ​​crossword games may be somewhat old, but with a link game, you will not feel that at all, as the game depends on the idea of ​​crosswords but in a very modern and fun way, as you go through many stages in the game and at each stage you find many general questions interesting and very entertaining And, in order to be able to answer each question correctly, the game provides you with a picture or information related to the question in order to guide you to the answer, and this game is free and suitable for all ages and light, in addition to the simple and elegant interface, and you can get new cultural information through this game where It contains questions related to various fields like cars, celebrities, maps, and countries, as well as religious quests etc.

The best crossword games for Android 2021

The password game is one of the crossword games widely known among Android phone users, and there is also a version for iPhone phones, which is a very entertaining game for children and adults, and in this game you have a table that contains many words and you have to find the words scattered in Table and crossed out, where in the end you have some letters and a symbol left in order to know the password and thus win the game, and this game combines suspense and excitement with relaxation as you are not restricted to time or collect certain points, but you can play according to your comfort, this game is also known as the word game The lost and you can download them from the following link.

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The best crossword games for Android 2021

This game is similar to arcade games, as it is a crossword game as well, and this game contains a lot of very entertaining and fun puzzles that you can access for free, and you can also buy the paid version of the game, which provides you with more puzzles within the game, and there is in the game A tool for creating puzzles and sharing them with the game’s community, and this game is somewhat simple but it is still one of the best crossword games for Android 2021.

CodyCross game

This game is considered one of the most popular crossword games for Android as it got more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store, and in this game you find many questions that must be answered correctly so that you can complete the table and solve the puzzle, and this game is characterized by that it includes Hundreds of very entertaining puzzles as it supports cloud synchronization and many modes that differ between them in terms of difficulty and you can choose from them according to your preference, and you can also buy more packages with icons or subscribe to unlock everything inside the game, however the free version is completely sufficient However, what is wrong with this game is that it is not available in the Arabic language, so you must be familiar with the English games, and you can download the game from the previous link.

Zytoona Games

Zytoona is a game developer on the Play Store, as it offers many very fun puzzle games, including one Crossword puzzle From Zeitouneh, which is considered one of the best crossword games for Android 2021, as this game includes a lot of entertaining and fun questions, such as illustrated questions in various fields, actors, famous characters, cars and maps, and there are advanced questions and puzzles such as identifying drawn characters and modified logos in addition to symbols and landmarks Etc., and the game contains a leaderboard where you can top your friends by collecting the largest number of points, and the game is characterized by simplicity, good and elegant design, and you can download it for free from the Play Store.

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