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The Best Collaboration Platform .. 4 Reasons That Make Microsoft Teams The Best

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Used platform Microsoft Times To organize work between remote work teams, and this of course has become a necessity after the Covid 19 crisis and work from home.

But few platforms like Microsoft’s Teams platform provide ease of interface and highly customizable ones.


Microsoft Teams platform is the easiest remote work platform, and it allows chatting between different teams and between all company members as well.

Conversations about one topic appear in one place as a straight line featuring all the different comments from all of the team.

You can also use video and audio chats through Microsoft Teams with ease thanks to the platform’s integration with Skype for Business.

Everything you need is in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform provides full compatibility with the Office 365 package, and you can easily use the distinctive Microsoft cloud storage spaces within it.

Many companies that work on design and advertising prefer to rely on the Microsoft Times platform for the ease of sending and receiving files through it.

This combined with full compatibility with Skype for voice chatting makes communication between team members much faster.

Accurate agenda organizer

The Teams platform provides you with compatibility with many applications that work teams rely on, even if they are not developed by Microsoft.

That’s why you can use the popular Planner app to create plans and agenda for your team to follow.

With the Planner app, you can create a content plan for your team or set a deadline for the delivery of various works from team members.

You can also set public holiday dates and confirm your team well in advance.

Security and protection in Microsoft Teams

You should consider protecting your files and projects, which is very important with large companies.

The Microsoft Teams platform provides unique protection for all your sensitive and important files, and this is because it relies on its own storage server separate from the rest of Microsoft’s programs.

Also, because each Microsoft Teams account uses its own server for storage, so you cannot access any file stored on another Team’s account server.

With Teams, you can also assign different access permissions to team members, to further increase the protection of your sensitive files.

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